Porsche 911 “Dakar”, ready for a safari

NEW – At the Los Angeles Motor Show, Porsche will unveil an unprecedented elevated version of the 911 displaying off-road capabilities worthy of the Cayenne.

At the dawn of its sixty years, the 911 is still capable of surprising us. The German manufacturer has just developed a raised version of the 992 generation with off-road capabilities. Baptized simply “Dakar” in reference to the successes of the 911 in the Paris-Dakar event in the mid-1980s, this new model in the Porsche 911 range will come to enrich the Heritage Design special series family. If its characteristics will not be revealed until the opening of the Los Angeles show on Wednesday November 16, this new model has amazed the various drivers who took turns at the wheel to carry out the test campaign.


At the Château-Lastours site in south-west France, where the suspension tuning was carried out, Romain Dumas said he was impressed with the car’s off-road performance. Sand, rocky terrain, mud, snow, ice: the 911 Dakar fears no coating. Former Porsche development driver, double world rally champion Walter Röhrl is not the least enthusiastic: “The car is incredibly fun to drive. No Porsche customer will believe what you can do with this car until they drive it themselves.”


As for the engineers at the Weissach development center who have carried out more than 10,000 km of tests on terrains as varied as the deserts of Dubai or Morocco, the frozen tracks of Arjeplog, in Sweden, they affirm that the 911 Dakar supports the comparison in terms of benefits off bitumen with the Cayenne, which is not a small reference.

Definitely a limited edition, the 911 Dakar thus pays homage to the successes of the 911 in Paris-Dakar, the queen event of rally raids, but also to the participation of a modified SC version entered in the Safari Rally in 1978. We remember that Pushed by Jacky Ickx, then pillar of the brand’s commitment to endurance on the Group C 956 and 962 prototypes, Porsche had launched a program to win the Paris-Dakar. As early as 1984, the manufacturer entered three 911s for René Metge, Jacky Ickx and in-house engineer Roland Kussmaul. Metge had won the race at the wheel of this elevated 911, which borrowed many technical solutions from the Safari version. The following year, the 911s with 959 bodywork retired but took their revenge in 1986 by achieving the double. To celebrate these great adventures, the 911 Dakar will be able to receive decoration evoking either the Safari or Paris-Dakar cars.



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