May 14, 2021

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Pope opened the ‘marathon’ to pray to escape Covid-19

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Pope Francis on May 1 kicked off the Catholic Church’s monthly, month-long series of prayers for the end of the Covid-19 pandemic soon.

The first prayer took place at St. Basil’s Basilica. Perter with more than 150 members participating. Churches in Portugal, France, Poland, Nigeria, Cuba, Korea, the US will alternately hold the following prayers and are broadcast live every day at 16:00 GMT (23:00 Hanoi time). .

The series will conclude with a ceremony hosted by Pope Francis, at the Vatican Garden Chapel, on May 31.

Pope Francis presides over the prayer ceremony at St. Basil’s Basilica. Peter, Vatican, May 1. Image: CNS.

According to Catholic tradition, May is considered the holy month for the Virgin Mary. The Vatican urged participants to pray for the epidemic to end and society to return to normal.

Pope Francis said he was deeply saddened by “the current tragic situation, full of misery and anxiety”. Nearly 16 months since the Covid-19 outbreak in China, the pandemic has spread around the world, killing more than three million people and causing heavy economic losses.

The head of the Catholic Church called for protection of those who suffer the loss of loved ones, in the context of the entire world being socially isolated. He also praised the “heroic efforts” of doctors, nurses and medical staff who defied the danger.

Pope Francis prayed to the scientists “enlightened the soul” to find solutions to defeat the virus and prevent similar disasters in the future.

Trung Nhan (According to the AFP)


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