June 15, 2021


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Partoo, the SaaS nugget that helps merchants improve their online visibility

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You can grow up very quickly and keep a sense of humor. In its communication, the start-up Partoo invites companies to “go and be seen… on the Internet! A daring slogan, but which sums up its ambition: to increase the visibility of its customers in order to boost their turnover.

The stake is crucial, especially in this period when traders have been forced on several occasions, in recent months, to lower the curtain and forcefully develop their online activity in an attempt to stay afloat.

Partoo presents itself as their partner of choice. Founded in 2014 by Thibault Levi Martin, the start-up has developed a technology that automates the uploading of essential information of an e-merchant. In a few clicks, the latter can enter his address, opening hours, indicate his phone number, let people know if he uses click and collect, display promotions, share photos of his store, etc.

Synchronization of information

Partoo then takes care of synchronizing and distributing this information on several channels (Google, Facebook, Waze, Instagram, Apple Plan). “We want to relieve companies of the stress linked to innovations developed by Google, Facebook, Apple because they are integrated directly into the Partoo interface”, summarizes Thibault Levi Martin.

The start-up also helps merchants to better manage their customer relationship by centralizing online reviews and, for example, inviting Internet users to leave a comment or to award stars if they are satisfied with the service. Enough to create engagement, increase sales and improve SEO.

The company relied on a SaaS (“software as a service”) model and quickly made a name for itself. “120,000 points of sale use our solutions in France and abroad. 80% of them are large brands. The remaining 20% ​​are independent traders, ”explains Thibault Levi Martin, who founded the company while he was still a student at Essec.

Revenue of 8 million in 2020

Partoo works with companies such as Carrefour, Leroy Merlin, BNP Paribas, Nexity, Starbucks, Massimo Dutti and Volkswagen. In 2020, the nugget claims to have achieved a turnover of 8 million euros. It claims to record an average annual growth of 80 to 85% since its creation.

Unlike many young shoots, Partoo bet on self-financing, before being swallowed up in 2019 by Webedia. The online media specialist (a subsidiary of the Fimalac group) has just injected 15 million euros via a capital increase. “We want to accelerate strongly and achieve 100 million turnover by 2025”, explains Thibault Levi Martin. This will involve temporarily plunging Partoo’s accounts into the red, before returning to profitability later, the company hopes.

International development

Partoo is focusing on three areas of development. The start-up wants to continue its international offensive, which began in 2016 with the opening of an office in Barcelona, ​​which manages its activities in Spain and Italy. Partoo also launched in Brazil in 2019 and has just started its activity in India and Mexico. “The needs for our services have no borders,” says Thibault Levi Martin.

The company also hopes to encourage more independent merchants to adopt its solutions and continue to innovate by managing the automatic management of advertising campaigns, by developing a mobile application, or by integrating messages posted on Google Messages chats into customer relations, WhatsApp Messenger and Facebook Messenger. In short, to use all possible levers to allow more and more customers to go and be seen… on the Internet!

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