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VIDEO. Closing of mosques: what are the risks of contestation?

The Pantin mosque (Seine-Saint-Denis) will be closed for at least six months. The decision was made just days after the attack that claimed the life of Professor Samuel Paty. But can this political decision be overturned by the courts? “It’s a possibility“, explains Benjamin Delombre, on the set of France 3. And to explain:”If the administrative judges are seized, they will have to examine very quickly the legality or not of the prefectural decree.

The prefect decided to close for the sole purpose of preventing the commission of terrorist acts. But is the mere broadcast of a video calling for Samuel Paty’s dismissal sufficient reason to close a place of worship?“Asks the journalist, who explains that according to the lawyers contacted by France 3,” it is not certain “. But they also specify that”other non-public material, such as intelligence notes, can also help judges decide“.

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Launch of Nokia Wireless Headphones with 40 hours battery, see price

New Delhi: Nokia has launched a formidable wireless headphone. The company claims that it can be used for 40 hours once fully charged. It also has great sound quality. Nokia Essential Wireless Headphones has been launched in Europe for डॉलर 59, or Rs 5,100. Can be purchased worldwide from next month i.e. November. Launched in black, the earphones will go on sale in India from next month.

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Foldable and tremendous sound
Nokia’s wireless headphones are foldable. It can be connected with a 3.5 mm jack if required. Can be connected to any device. These headphones support voice assistance features like Google Assistant and Siri. It also has a mic.

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Nokia Essential Wireless Headphones have 40mm dynamic drivers. J 20 Hz can respond to frequencies up to 20,000 Hz. The base outputs to these headphones are pretty overwhelming. Its sound quality is tremendous.

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Comfortable and tremendous battery backup

Weighing in at 197 grams, Nokia’s new wireless headphones support Bluetooth 5.0. It also has a micro USB port for charging. These headphones come with a 500mAh battery. It takes 3 hours to fully charge. It has a battery backup of 40 hours. The company claims that these headphones can be worn for hours on end. Nokia’s headphones will compete with wireless earphones and headphones from other companies like Sony and OnePlus.

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An electric car soon to 10,000 euros?

Based on the low-cost Logan model, the Dacia Spring aims to make the battery-powered vehicle finally accessible to as many people as possible.

The first electric Dacia is a sort of Swiss army knife, capable of adapting to a multitude of uses, in the city as in the countryside.
The first electric Dacia is a sort of Swiss army knife, capable of adapting to a multitude of uses, in the city as in the countryside. Dacia

This is the last territory where Dacia was thought to be able to meet the challenge. From next year, the low-cost brand of Renault will yet, once again, move the lines by marketing its first electric vehicle around 10,000 euros, ecological bonus deducted. A hell of a performance at a time when this technology appears overpriced for most consumers. The Renault Twingo Electric starts at € 21,350; the Zoé at 23,900 €. If Dacia succeeds in breaking the codes and democratizing access to zero-emission vehicles, it is because it relies as much on the experience acquired over fifteen years in the development and production of low-cost vehicles as on the City K-ZE, a small electric crossover that Renault produces and sells in China.

It is this model that will land with us next year under the Dacia Spring signature. Exceeding the Twingo by 13 cm in length (3.73 m) but lowered by 5 cm compared to the queen of cities (1.51 m), the vehicle evolves

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Sahako took second place in the National futsal tournament

HCMCOvercoming Da Nang 6-1 in round 17, Sahako won second place early in a round in the Futsal HDBank League 2020.

Sahako finished second in a row in HDBank National futsa.

In the first leg in Nha Trang, Sahako lost 3-5 immediately to Da Nang. But yesterday, the tide was reversed. While Da Nang no longer has a target to compete for medals, Sahako is full of courage. And the students of coach Nguyen Tuan Anh have shown that by playing overwhelming, creating countless opportunities to eat.

In the 3rd minute, Lam Phat opened the score from the close of the ball. By the 13th minute, Y-zen Nie kdam shot away to increase the lead to 2-0. The score continued to widen in the 16th and 17th minutes due to the work of Dac Huy and Nhat Tien.

The game did not change much in the second half when Sahako still fully took the initiative and scored two more goals in the 28th and 33rd minutes. .

Win 6-1, Sahako won 35 points, five points ahead of the teams behind and officially defended runner-up before a match.

Player Sahako (blue shirt) easily controlled the situation in front of a Da Nang who had run out of motivation.

Player Sahako (blue shirt) easily controlled the situation in front of a Da Nang who had run out of motivation.

“This is a great effort of the team, but it also reflects our investment and practice,” said coach Nguyen Tuan Anh. “Apart from Thai Son Nam which is too strong and equal in positions, this year the futsal teams have similarities. Teams that want to compete with higher performance need to make a longer investment and we will do the same. that in the future to improve their performance “.

In the remaining matches of round 17, Sanatech Khanh Hoa won Vietfootball 6-4 and Thai Son Bac overcame Savinest Sanna Khanh Hoa with the score 7-1.

Thus, in addition to champion Thai Son Nam and runner-up Sahako, the competition for third place in the final turn becomes attractive when two teams with 35 points, Thai Son Bac and Sanatech Khanh Hoa, will meet in the final match. evening season October 22.

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Netflix’s growth slows after lockdown records

Posted on Oct 21, 2020 at 6:10 amUpdated Oct 21, 2020 9:33 AM

The containment boom is over for Netflix. After adding 15 million new subscribers in the first quarter then 10 million in the second, the leader in video streaming unveiled a much smaller figure for the third: 2.2 million.

This number, which brings the total to 195 million subscribers, is slightly lower than his forecast (2.5 million) and represents the lowest volume for the months of July to September in four years. The company’s revenue growth is also slowing. It stood at $ 6.4 billion in the third quarter, up 22% year-on-year, up from 31% in the same period last year. The company’s price fell 5% in trading after the stock market closed on Tuesday.

Full during the first semester

The Californian company recalled that this slowdown was announced in July and that the total of new subscribers over the first nine months of the year was higher than the whole of the year.

2019. “ As expected, growth slowed […]. We believe this is mainly related to our record results in the first half Netflix said in its letter to shareholders. The company refueled much faster at the start of the year than usual thanks to containment.

But the company is suffering from a gradual return to normalcy, with the reopening of restaurants and some of the cinemas, as well as the resumption of other television programs. “ We are back in a world with sport on and off Said Reed Hastings, the company’s co-CEO, who also recognized that the environment was very competitive. “ NOTWe compete with TikTok, YouTube, HBO, and Fortnite.


Netflix also mentioned the many new services launched recently, including Disney +, which has gained 60 million subscribers in ten months. But the company is already reacting by strengthening itself in animation: Ted Sarandos, its other co-CEO, announced in the magazine “Variety” last week, a goal of six original cartoons per year on the platform.

Despite the Covid-19, the company says it plans a total of 150 original content filmed by the end of the year and to hold its 2021 program announced before the pandemic, with only a delay towards the second half of the year . “ We are confident that we will have an exciting range of programs for our members, especially compared to other services. », Writes the company.

Lack of flagship series

To garner subscribers in the fourth quarter, it relies on season 4 of “The Crown”, one of its original flagship series, and season 2 of “The Witcher”. Between July and September, the few new popular series could also have played a role in the lower number of subscriptions: the biggest hits were the films “The Old Guard” (with Charlize Theron), watched by 78 million people. viewers a month after its release, and “Enola Holmes,” which was slated to hit theaters but eventually sold to Netflix.

The company is also developing more and more content for Asia and is strengthening its efforts in India. It gained just 177,000 new viewers in North America in three months, compared to a million in Asia. “ There is a saturation of Netflix in the United States. With the growth in the number of subscriptions slowing in the domestic market, the increase in revenues will likely come from the increase in price. Says Ross Benes, analyst at eMarketer. The company has just increased its rates in Canada and is preparing to do so next year in the United States, analysts said.


Health Tips: If you have Thyroid disease, then stay away from these five foods

Many people in the country suffer from Thyroid disease. According to a report by the Indian Thyroid Society, every tenth person in the country suffers from a thyroid problem. Thyroid increases the risk of asthma, cholesterol, diabetes, depression and heart disease. But being alert to the things of food and drink can prevent the disease from growing. These five foods should be avoided by thyroid patients.

According to doctors, eating certain things also increases the thyroid. The thyroid gland produces iodine by taking iodine from our body. That is why if there is hypothyroid then you should stay away from food and drink with high amount of iodine. C-food and iodine salt should not be used at all.

The second food is caffeine. Although caffeine does not directly increase the thyroid, it increases the problems that are caused by the thyroid. Such as restlessness, sleep disturbances etc.

Red meat
Thyroid patients should also not use red meat as it contains cholesterol and saturated fat. It increases weight rapidly. In such a case, patients with thyroid who gain weight rapidly should avoid eating these things. In addition, the rate meat also causes a burning sensation in the body.

Thyroid patients should also be avoided with the use of alcohol as it affects the energy level. This makes sleep difficult. Apart from this, it also increases the risk of osteoporosis.

Vegetable Ghee
The fifth food is vegetable ghee. It kills good cholesterol and increases bad cholesterol. This increases the troubles of thyroid. It is used in food items. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that while eating outside things, vegetable ghee is not used in them.

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Assassination of Samuel Paty: seven people were referred to be presented to an anti-terrorism judge

The custody of nine other people, however, was lifted Tuesday evening, without being prosecuted at this stage.

The custody of the last seven people still involved in the investigation into the assassination of Samuel Paty is soon coming to an end.

Seven people (five adults and two minors) were referred the night of Tuesday 20 to Wednesday 21 October to be presented to an anti-terrorist judge, with a view to opening a judicial investigation and possible indictments “in the day of Wednesday”, learned franceinfo from a judicial source.

>> Follow the latest information on the Samuel Paty affair in our direct

Islamist activist Abdelhakim Sefrioui and the father who called for Samuel Paty’s resignation are among those presented to an anti-terrorism judge on Wednesday, a judicial source told franceinfo.

The other three adults are relatives of the terrorist suspected of having helped him. The two minors are suspected of having informed the assailant about the victim in exchange for money. The custody of nine other people, however, was lifted Tuesday evening, without being prosecuted at this stage.


Want to buy a washing machine ?, these famous companies are giving big discounts

New Delhi: If you want to buy a washing machine, many companies are offering the best deals in Amazon Sale. Other companies including Whirlpool, LG, Samsung, IFB, Godrej, Panasonic are offering big discounts on their washing machines in this sale. An additional 10 per cent discount is available for purchases made with an HDFC card. Find out which companies are offering how much discount.

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Samsung 6.5 KG Washing Machine
Samsung’s 6.5 kg washing machine can be bought at Amazon Sale for just Rs 13,990. HDFC Card has 10% extra discount. It was priced at Rs 17,350. This machine is fully automatic and is great for a family of 4 to 6 members. It has a lot of features. This washing machine from Samsung comes with a 2 year warranty and a 10 year warranty on the motor. Child lock, diamond drum, intensive wash, magic features are given.

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Whirlpool 7 Kg 5 Star Royal Plus
Whirlpool’s 7 kg capacity 5 star washing machine can be purchased for Rs 14,490. Earlier, it was priced at Rs 18,850. The washing machine with LED digital display has 12 wash programs. Hard water wash technology is provided. Fully automatic washing machine is great for a family of 6 to 7 members.

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Godrej 6.2 Kg Washing Machine
Godrej’s 6.2-liter washing machine can be purchased at the sale for just Rs 10,990. This is perfect for a family of 4 members. It is completely automatic. It has 5 wash programs. Along with Godrej washing machine, 2 year warranty is being given and 10 year warranty is being given on the motor.

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Whirlpool 6.2 kg Washing Machine

A washing machine with a capacity of 6.2 kg can be purchased for Rs 13,500 during the Amazon Great Indian Festival. It was earlier priced at Rs 16,800. The fully automatic washing machine is perfect for 4 members. It has 12 wash programs. 6 sense smart technology is given. The machine has a 2 year warranty and the motor has a 5 year warranty.

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Panasonic 6 Kg 5 Star Fully Automatic Washing Machine

A 6 kg washing machine can be bought at Amazon Sale for Rs 12,490. Before the sale, it was priced at Rs 16,700. The company is offering 2 years warranty and 10 years warranty on this washing machine of 8 wash program. This washing machine is fully automatic. Available in gray. This is perfect for 4 members.

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People empty-handed in the great flood

During the night of flooding, hearing the roaring of the boat engine, the pig kicked and plunged into the flood water. Mr. Tam in Dong Hoi City (Quang Binh) quickly jumped down and swam.

On the morning of October 21, standing at a pigpen built on Highway 1, Mr. Tran Van Tam, 60 years old, lamented “Dear father, I have not seen a great flood in my whole life, like a great flood”.

His house has a farm that raises 60 pigs, floods 2 m high, swept away ten animals on the night of October 19. That night, Quang Binh received nearly 300 mm of rain, double the volume of the previous day. Le Thuy and Quang Ninh districts, part of Dong Hoi city are submerged in flood water. National highway 1A running through this province is flooded 0.5 to 2 meters deep.

During the night of October 19, until the next morning, the five members of Mr. Tam’s White Mind, rented a boat to bring the remaining pigs ashore. Mr. Tam said, each trip can carry two children, four people share to keep. During the night, the rain and wind whipped in the face, the boat slumped. Pigs are not used to “riding the boat”, hear the engine explosion, the boat floor vibrates, the pigs kick their feet in the area to run away, plunge into the flood water. He had to go swimming for it in the dark.

Old farmer Tran Van Tam, behind is a pigsty built along the highway. Image: Nguyen Dong

Mr. Tam’s 100-square-meter house along National Highway 1A has now become a reluctant farm. An old canvas was erected to cover the rain. Mr. Tam picked up bricks and put them into pens for pigs to live in, and did not dare to go anywhere more than 10 meters, afraid of strange pigs, kicked the wall and flew to the highway. The house is now also the residence of more than a dozen people, brothers, villages. Everyone ate and slept on the spot, assigned people to remove nets, fish sellers, and pig watchers.

The number of lost pigs, Mr. Tam calculated an average of 8 million VND per head. The flood swept away 80 million dong from him. In addition, there are more than a dozen tons of farmed fish, just a little collected, now water has overflowed, swimming everywhere. Generally, for each ton of fish sold for 30 million VND, Mr. Tam lost about 300 million. Yesterday, he brought all the nets he had left, stretched all four sides of the pond with his head still flooded, and caught more than a quintal of fish. His son and daughter helped him sell from noon to evening, earning 3 million dong.

Two weeks of fighting the flood “once every forty years”, the old farmer in the Central region lost 6 kilograms, his dual power was raised, his eye sockets deepened. What he feels lucky is that despite the damage, there is still food to eat every day, “there are thousands of other people who are isolated in floods, eating instant noodles, even starving”.

Hoang Thi Ha, 34, also lost her farm in four years.  Photo: Nguyen Dong

Hoang Thi Ha, 34, lost her farm in four years when the flood came. Image: Nguyen Dong

Living a few kilometers from Mr. Tam’s house, Ms. Hoang Thi Ha, Bac Ly ward (Dong Hoi city) said that every half a month she wears a raincoat and a helmet because it rains constantly.

Phu Xa field, where there is a breeding area of ​​more than 20 households, flooded rice field. She brought B40 nets, 3 meters high, to prevent the circus pond, afraid the fish would disappear when the water overflowed. The farm still has nearly 500 young hens that are about to lay eggs, Mrs. Ha gathered them all in cages, hung them upstairs, waiting for the water to recede. But the chickens only stayed there for four days.

From the morning of October 19, Quang Binh began to receive rain “falling down from the sky”. On the evening of the same day, Mrs. Ha pulled three cows in one hand, and in the other hand ran the chicken up to a high place, and turned around and saw the water rising near the top of the pigpen with 13 children. She let go of her hand, did not dare to risk her life with the flood, “but the people who still have money will die.”

With nearly a hundred chickens rescued, she took it on a spread-out highway to sell to passersby. The type of young hen prepared to lay eggs, normally Ms. Ha sells a pound of 130,000 VND, now the rain team sells and sells for 30,000 VND each. Many people loved, saw the chicken blurred, eyes blankly but still bought it, and even gave her a few tens of thousands more.

With 3 million VND of chicken collected, Ha carefully stored it but did not dare to spend it. “After the flood, the nuns will be raised from the beginning. And the skin and hair grow,” she said. But Ha’s immediate task is to ask the bank for an extension of four million dong of interest each month from the amount of 700 million dong to set up the red book loan, and to take care of nearly ten million dong to have blood transfusions every month for two children with tanning disease. congenital blood. The older is 12, the child is 9 years old.

Mr. Tran Dinh Luyen, on the afternoon of October 20, still tried to pick up property engulfed by floods.  Photo: Nguyen Dong

Mr. Tran Dinh Luyen, on the afternoon of October 20, still tried to pick up property engulfed by floods. Image: Nguyen Dong

At the same farm in Bac Ly ward (Dong Hoi city), on the night of October 19, Mr. Tran Dinh Luyen could only carry his sick wife and ran home from the place of raising pigs. He returned to the pig farm when the water was up to chest height. During the dark night, he heard pigs squealing, but refused to know where they were.

“Almost all of them die. It’s a pity,” said Mr. Luyen. His ranch now has six chickens, three cows, and ten pigs left. The 59-year-old man was black, small, trembling in a torn raincoat, saddest that the pigs were like 30 days old. If there were no floods, each of them could sell for two million dong, he had 60 million pocket. His wife, Vo Thi Hoe, had a hematoma in the liver. He wanted to bring his wife to Hue for examination, so that surgery soon. But the floodwaters rise, separating the highway, now you want to go.

These days, from morning to noon, he only had time to eat a bowl of cold rice, then tried to follow the boat to save his property. But the field, the farm area is now no trace, the water is deep 2 m deep. What emerged from the flood was only the roof, tree tops and the top of the B40 net blocking the fish pond.

People save property in floods

Quang Binh people save their property in floods. Video: the East

In Ha Tinh, continuous rains for many days caused the brackish water shrimp farming area in Ky Ha commune (Ky Anh district) to sink in the water. Standing in her family’s 2-hectare shrimp pond, Nguyen Thi Thom looks bored, saying that if the weather is favorable, her family will earn tens of millions of dong in profit in just a few weeks.

Nearly four months ago, Mrs. Thom released 12,000 seedlings, costing more than 15 million VND, not including her hard work. “Now I have nothing to do with my capital. The water is immense. I do not know how many shrimps are left in the pond. For decades, the water has never risen as quickly as this time,” said Thom.

Unfortunately, some households in Ky Ha buy more nets to stretch around flooded ponds to keep shrimp from swimming. Many other households rowing boats, carrying fishing nets.

By the morning of October 21, commune police officers remained on duty in the vicinity of the shrimp ponds to protect and ward off strangers to go fishing. Mr. Le Van Luyen, Chairman of Ky Ha commune, said that the whole commune had 56 hectares of shrimp of dozens of households that were flooded, estimated losses of billions of VND.

Over the past days, floods have made 111 people dead and 22 people missing; More than 200,000 people in the three provinces of Ha Tinh, Quang Binh and Quang Tri are evacuated.

Dong Phuong – Hai Hung



Jonathan Nossiter: “We only experienced the aperitif of the terrible things that await us”

It’s a funny feature film, with unexpected actors – Nick Nolte first, that we haven’t seen on the screens since… we can’t even say when and who looks like a giggling Michel Simon. Charlotte Rampling then, used to cinematographic UFOs. Finally, Kalipha Touray, a young Gambian actor whom Jonathan Nossiter met in a refugee camp in Italy.

The author of the shocking documentary “Mondovino” in 2004 has now turned back into the Italian vineyard and delivers this fiction depicting an end of humanity that is not foolishly encouraging. Radically collapsing, his film hardly encourages people to roll up their sleeves. Or if? Interview.

Trailer for “Last Words”.

Your “Last Words” crisscrosses a Europe which can be summed up, roughly speaking, to smoking rubble deserted by men. Did you find it useful to stress us out these days?

I know that many see pessimism in my film, but it is the opposite of my approach. It is indeed a utopia, not a dystopia. What I am showing is how to recreate lived experience, human relationship in a space where everything has been destroyed. It’s not how things end that matters here [en l’occurrence mal, on le comprend dès le début du film, NDLR], but what was experienced before it happened. You know Hollywood movies expose you to extraordinary amounts of violence, but in the end everything always ends well. For an hour and a half, you suffered terror, but you leave the room with a happy end. Your trauma has been put to sleep. My film is the opposite: I hope that you will come out awake, with the desire to go and meet the other.

“Whether they like it or not, collapsologists discourage collective struggles”

In general, apocalypse movies portray the return of primitive instincts, murder and rape in humans on their own. But at home, the handful of survivors are mostly extinct, indifferent to others …

Yes, I wanted to show a society of people who have lost desire, which our civilization has alienated. Me, I live on a farm in Umbria in central Italy, but I lived part of my youth in Paris and it is a city that I have known very “tactile”. People were touching each other, jostling each other, kissing each other … But even before the Covid, I saw that this Mediterranean trait was disappearing a bit. People looked at each other less and less… We kinda lost the ability to be together, I think.

And where does it come from?

I think that because of the state of the planet and of our food, we are currently living something like the 1930s. It is not yet 1939, let’s say 1937. My winegrower friends tell me: “ Each year has become unpredictable. With global warming, everything we knew is obsolete. The plants are confused like us! They are precursors.

Should we believe in generalized collapse? The opinion of specialists

But do you really think you are encouraging political action with such a desperate film?

But yes, once again, it is imperative that citizens mobilize! As long as we do not know exactly where our planet is going, how it will end, we must continue to pull in the wrong direction. I want to transmit this utopian energy. Make no mistake: for the moment, we have only experienced the aperitif of the terrible things that await us.

Interview by Arnaud Gonzague