PSG – OM, 12 yellow cards, five reds and one goal

Some will be delighted to have attended a “real classic” between PSG and OM, Sunday, September 13 in Paris. An “old-fashioned” confrontation embellished with bloodshed, questionable decisions and finally ended with a shower of boxes and an almost general fight at the end of the match. But more the memory of the PSG-OM of yesteryear, often eaten up by altercations, during and after the meetings, the sad spectacle given by the two clubs to complete this 3e L1 day especially revived the Paris-Marseille war with a rather pathetic scenario, against a background of insults, racism and homophobia.

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On the sporting front, the victory of Marseille ended a very long wait on the Canebière. A small goal from Florian Thauvin half an hour into the game allowed the Marseillais to defeat the great Parisian rival for the first time in nine years and thus put an end to a sad series of twenty unsuccessful matches against PSG (17 defeats, 3 draws). ” It’s obviously a great joy, I especially want to congratulate the players, rejoiced André Villas-Boas, the Marseille coach. They were huge.

A fight against a background of racism?

Unfortunately, the meeting, preceded by a controversy on social networks after the publication by Parisian supporters of offensive homophobic photos, ended with the start of a general fight which ended, in the last seconds, with three exclusions on the Parisian side (Neymar, Paredes, Kurzawa) and two on the Marseille side (Benedetto, Amavi).

A final altercation at the end of a very tense match which quickly took over the sport. In question, the accusations of racism brought by the Parisian star Neymar against the Spanish defender Alvaro Gonzalez who would have called him ” monkey »On the lawn of the Park. What his opponent denies.

According to isolated images broadcast by the Téléfoot channel, Neymar complained shortly after half an hour of play to the referee, repeating over and over again ” racismo, no! “(” Racism, no! “, In Spanish), pointing to the defender of OM. At the very end of the match, after his exclusion for slapping the back of Alvaro Gonzalez’s head, Neymar chanted ” Look at the racist! That’s why I hit him! »To the fourth referee and in front of a camera, leaving the pitch.

Insults on social networks

The former Barça player also spread on social networks after the match: “ My only regret is that I didn’t hit that c … in the face », Tweeted the Parisian n ° 10 an hour after the meeting. In the process, Alvaro Gonzalez also posted a message on the same social network: “ There is no room for racism. Clean career and with a lot of comrades every day. Sometimes you have to learn to lose and recognize it in the field. Three incredible points today. Go Om. Gracias familia (thank you family) “.

The offensive exchanges between the two opponents then continued on these same social networks. ” There are the TV pictures, things will be judged “, For his part reacted the sports director of the Parisian club, Leonardo, on Téléfoot. ” Neymar was a little pissed off, I hope we have nothing to do (with that). I hope that will not put black on our victory. There is no room for racism in football. It’s a Clasico “, Commented André Villas-Boas. A sadly agitated “classic” which could therefore have repercussions in the coming days. But probably not for good reasons.



US Open: tennis player Dominic Thiem, a strange advent

Almost all the predictions promised him victory. But not like this, not at the end of a non-match, of an improbable game where the fear of losing was fun to jump on one of the fighters then on the other, to the point of grotesque or almost. Dominic Thiem had an appointment with history Sunday, September 13 in the final of the US Open. He honored him, but arriving very late on the court, and after four hours of a meeting far from being up to the challenge.

A historic first

At 27, the Austrian is indeed the first player of the generation born in the 1990s to finally touch the Grail of Grand Slam success. The first to win the kick out of the ogres of the “Big 3” – Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic – since 2016. The first to register a new name on the list of a major tournament on the circuit since the Croatian Marin Cilic in the US Open in 2014. Certainly, circumstances prevent us from really talking about passing the baton: Roger Federer was absent after his knee operation, Rafael Nadal had preferred to ignore a context turned upside down by the coronavirus and Novak Djokovic s’ is excluded on his own from the event by a gesture of temper which disqualified him in the round of 16. But the result is there.

Not the way. History can also remember that Dominic Thiem is the first since 1949 to lift the trophy after being led two sets to nothing. Because for more than an hour and a half, it was Alexander Zverev, his opponent of the day, who reigned supreme in this duel. A shame. The German had arrived at this stage of the competition by distinguishing himself with matches that started badly, an always delicate start that put him in danger in the quarter as well as in the semi-finals. Except that this time, the world N ° 7 landed by conquering, tightening his game by relying on a reinforced concrete service. A domination materialized by two first sets dispatched, 6-2, 6-4, but without great opposition, Dominic Thiem proving to be exceeded, behind on almost all the balls, unable to let go of his blows.

Part undermined by the fear of losing

And then suddenly the matter turned to be quite different. Finished the gamberge for the Austrian, the fear of still missing his chance after his three finals already lost, at Roland Garros against Nadal in 2018 and 2019, in Australia in early 2020 against Djokovic. “I knew that if I lost, I would be 0-4 in the final, and I couldn’t get it out of my head”, he was to explain after the meeting. The switch was made in his noggin, and on the other side of the court in that of his rival, losing in turn his means and his fine certainties. Alexander Zverev or the master of inconstancy.

The 23-year-old is a gifted player, as we know from his career of excellence in junior at the dawn of the 2010s. Since 2016 and his sensational entry into the professional world, the German is struggling to make his talent speak, especially in Grand Slam. This US Open could be a game-changer. But no. After his start without cloud, Alexander Zverev began to multiply unforced errors and double faults (15 in total). Once the situation is reversed, with two sets everywhere, he is yet still two points from the match on several occasions. Too late, no doubt.

Everything was played in the tie-break in an erratic fifth round with an extremely thin level of play, coming down to who will crack the first. It was a paralyzed Alexander Zverev, with no more power in the service, who finally let a Dominic Thiem at the end of the roll physically pick up the victory. The advent of the Austrian has long been heralded. But to follow in the wake of the giants of the “Big 3”, there is still some way to go.


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The Australian Premier has a ‘secret relationship’ with China politicians

New South Wales (NSW) Premier Gladys Berejiklian on October 12 spoke about the relationship with former Wagga Wagga city congressman Daryl Maguire, who is being investigated for involvement in a scheme to fraudulent public visas Chinese people.

Maguire was forced to resign in the NSW Parliament and as chairman of the NSW Parliamentary Asia Pacific Friendship group, after a 2018 investigation suggested he sought to assist property developers. Chinese real estate in land transactions.

Berejiklian said she had been in a relationship with Maguire since 2015 and called him “the most important person”. However, the NSW Premier said she asked Maguire to resign following the 2018 Independent Commission’s investigation on corruption (ICAC).

New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian during a hearing in Sydney, Australia, on 12/10. Image: AAP.

Speaking to the media after the October 12 hearing, Berejiklian said she had “made a mistake in her personal life” with a relationship she did not even reveal to her closest family or friends. .

However, Berejiklian insisted she continued to hold the role of Premier of NSW because “did nothing wrong”. “People may have tried to influence me, but they have failed,” Berejiklian said, adding that she stopped contacting Berejiklian since September.

A new ICAC investigation is focusing on Maguire’s pursuit of business deals between 2012 and 2018, often involving “relations with China”.

Maguire is believed to have discussed with Berejiklian about his financial affairs, including his $ 1.5 million in debt, as well as his possibility of earning money from an airport land deal.

Maguire is “an exaggerator”, Berejiklian says, and she often sees him talking about deals as fantastical. The NSW Premier added she is a “woman independent of her own finances”, adding that she “never ignores inappropriate behavior”.

“I am very clear about my public responsibility and understand the difference between private life and public responsibility,” Berejiklian stressed.

The incident of Prime Minister Berejiklian and former MP Maguire took place in the context of conflicting Canberra – Beijing relations because of many problems. China is said to be “on sight” of Australia’s anti-foreign intervention, but Beijing has repeatedly denied interfering with Canberra.

Relations between the two countries are also serious due to many issues such as trade and influence competition in the Pacific region and have increased recently after Canberra called for an independent investigation of the origin of Covid-19.

Ngoc Anh (Follow Reuters)



Tour de France: another stage victory for Tadej Pogacar

The grip of Slovenia is confirmed on this 2020 edition of the Tour de France. On Sunday 13 September, Tadej Pogacar beat his compatriot Primoz Roglic in the sprint at the finish of the fifteenth stage at the top of the Grand Colombier, where the outgoing winner, the Colombian Egan Bernal, lost his footing.

Tadej Pogacar (UAE Emirates) got closer thanks to bonuses 40 seconds behind Roglic (Jumbo) in the general classification, one week before the arrival in Paris. The two Slovenes had already confiscated the first two places in the second Pyrenean stage, last Sunday in Laruns, already in that order.

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Egan Bernal, who let go 13 kilometers from the finish, gave up more than 6 minutes in the general classification. Either a scathing failure, the first since 2014 in the Tour, for the British team Ineos of Dave Brailsford, formerly Sky.

Mastery of the Jumbo team

Tadej Pogacar, 21, took off his second success in the Tour, for his first participation, on the eve of the second day of rest, scheduled in Isère. In this 174.5 kilometer stage which included three difficult climbs, another Colombian, Nairo Quintana, also lost a lot (3 min 50 s) although he gave up less time than Bernal. For Colombia, the first rider in the standings is now Rigoberto Uran, third at 1 min 34 s behind Tadej Roglic.

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The decision was made in the final ascent of the Grand Colombier, over 17 kilometers long, mastered from start to finish by the Jumbo formation of Roglic, with in particular the riders Wout Van Aert, George Bennett and Tom Dumoulin at the action.

Supported by his teammates, the wearer of the yellow jersey Tadej Pogacar started 600 meters from the finish without being able to close the gap on Pogacar, who beat him in the sprint. Australia’s Richie Porte took third place, 5 seconds behind, and Colombian Miguel Angel Lopez fourth, 8 seconds behind.

A quartet took the lead

The breakaway launched at the start of the stage was controlled remotely by the Jumbo team, which gave it 4 min 30 s at the foot of the first ascent, 100 kilometers from the finish. If a quartet (Herrada, Rolland, Geschke, Gogl) fell in front at the top of the Selle de Fromentel, the gap was further reduced, to two minutes, in the second ascent, the Col de la Biche.

Pierre Rolland, passed in the lead, and the Austrian Michael Gogl presented themselves at the foot of the Grand Colombier, the longest climb since the start of the Tour, with just over a minute and a half on the peloton still led by five teammates scored by Tadej Roglic.

The French Pierre Rolland, the last survivor, was joined 13 kilometers from the finish when Igan Bernal, who appeared suffocated by the pace, was unable to follow the group of favorites, still about twenty units.


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Two scientists won the 2020 Nobel Prize in Economics

Paul R. Milgrom and Robert B. Wilson are the next two names to be awarded this award, with research in auction theory.

At 16:50 on 12/10 (Hanoi time), the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced the 2020 Nobel Prize in Economics to Paul R. Milgrom and Robert B. Wilson. Both have contributed to the improvement of auction theory and the creation of new auction formats.

Paul Milgrom was born in 1948. Robert B. Wilson was born in 1937. Both are American and currently teach at Stanford University (USA).

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said the auction was everywhere. People use auctions to buy and sell things on the Internet. However, each person’s goals are different. Some sellers want to maximize sales. Others use auction as a tool to reduce CO2 emissions. “The auction theory of Paul Milgrom and Robert Wilson is the key to understanding how these goals can be achieved,” the agency said.

Paul R. Milgrom (left) and Robert B. Wilson. Image: Stanford University

Last year, the award went to three scientists Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo and Michael Kremer. They are awarded with research on an empirical approach to global poverty reduction.

Economics is usually the last award awarded each year with the Nobel Prize for Medicine, Physics, Chemistry, Literature and Peace. The Nobel Prize for economics was not part of the original prize structure in the will of the Swedish scientist Alfred Nobel. This award was added in 1968, on the 300th anniversary of the establishment of the Central Bank of Sweden – Sveriges Riksbank, which is also the fund contributor of this award.

However, the process of nominating, selecting and awarding the Nobel Prize in Economics is still similar to other fields. This year’s Nobel Prize winner in Economics will be awarded 10 million Swedish kronor (about 1.1 million USD).

To date, the Nobel Prize in Economics has been awarded 51 times to 84 scientists. The youngest was named at the age of 47, and the oldest was 90. Up to now, only two women have won this award.

List of Nobel Economics for the years 2009 – 2019

Year Award winners Construction nation

Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo and Michael Kremer

Empirical approach to global poverty reduction America and France

William Nordhaus

Paul Romer

Climate economics

Endogenous growth theory

2017 Richard H. Taler Behavioral economics America
2016 Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmström Contract theory USA and Finland
2015 Angus Deaton The relationship between consumption, poverty and well-being America
2014 Jean Tirole How to manage corporations, large companies in the market. France
two thousand and thirteen Eugene F. Fama, Lars Peter Hansen, Robert J. Shiller Asset price analysis America
2012 Alvivin E. Rom and Lloyd S. Shapley Stable distribution theory and market-making practice America
2011 Thomas J. Sargent and Christopher A. Sims The relationship between macroeconomic policies and their impact on the economy America
2010 Peter A. Diamond, Dale T. Mortensen and Christopher A. Pissarides New formula for interaction in the market, between parties of goods, services, jobs … and seekers English, American
2009 Elinor Ostrom and Oliver E. Williamson Mode of operating the economy America

Ha Thu


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Carrie Lam postponed her speech because she received instructions to go to Beijing to meet

Hong Kong leaders announced the postponement of their annual policy speech after receiving instructions to go to Beijing to meet with government officials.

Hong Kong Special Zone Chief Carrie Lam today announced a key annual speech scheduled to take place on October 14, which outlines the government’s plans for the city, that will be moved to the end of November. was the first time the chief executive’s speech was postponed in Hong Kong history.

The delay was announced two hours after Chinese media reported that Chinese President Xi Jinping will preside over the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic and Trade Zone, bordering Hong Kong, at the same time she Lam expected to speak.

However, Ms. Lam asserted that the main reason for the delay was her attendance at meetings in Beijing later this month on the development of the Greater Bay Area, a plan to integrate Hong Kong, Macau, Shenzhen and 8. southern Chinese city into a center of finance and technology. This plan is seen as the key economic motivation to accelerate the recovery of Hong Kong and China.

Hong Kong Special Zone Chief Carrie Lam at a weekly press conference on October 6. Image: AFP.

“I have submitted proposals for the government to consider and they have responded positively with the suggestion that since the proposals include many subjects, it is best for the chief of the special zone to come to Beijing and personally explain at Why are these measures important to Hong Kong “, Ms. Lam said.

Ms. Lam reaffirmed that was the real reason for the speech delay and no meeting was scheduled between her and Mr. Xi in Shenzhen.

Hong Kong is governed by the “One Country, Two Regimes” model, allowing the city to maintain a degree of autonomy and certain rights over mainland China. However, the massive protests lasted for months last year prompted Beijing to step up its regulatory measures.

Beijing in June enacted a national security law for the special zone, which criminalizes a series of political crimes. The law also allows mainland security personnel to operate publicly in the city for the first time, as well as giving Beijing jurisdiction over particularly serious cases.

The Chinese government has always supported Ms. Lam, although her credit rating in Hong Kong is quite bleak. Businesses in the city will carefully follow the upcoming speech of Ms. Lam.

Huyen Le (Follow SCMP, AFP)



Tour de France 2020: Soren Kragh Andersen wins the 14th stage

The Danish Soren Kragh Andersen concluded the collective work of the Sunweb team to win the 14th stage of the Tour de France, Saturday September 12, on the banks of the Rhône in Lyon. Kragh Andersen came out in the final to lead the first peloton by 15 seconds, set by Slovenian Luka Mezgec ahead of Italian Simone Consonni and Slovakian Peter Sagan.

Slovenian Primoz Roglic (Jumbo) donned his sixth yellow jersey at the end of this heat-driven transition stage.

→ DOSSIER. Tour de France 2020: all the information to follow this 107e editing

Peter Sagan’s Bora left most of the sprinters behind and especially the wearer of the green jersey, the Irishman Sam Bennett, in the main difficulty of the day, the Col de Béal, crossed in the lead by the Swiss Stefan Küng who had escaped shortly after departure.

A new success for Sunweb

The forcing continued for about sixty kilometers, with the help of the CCC of the Italian Matteo Trentin. He led Bennett and his family to surrender 80 kilometers from the finish. In the end, the Sunweb team led the operations. First with the Belgian Tiesj Benoot, who went out on the penultimate hill, 11 kilometers from the finish. Then with Kragh Andersen who countered an attack from the French Julian Alaphilippe, himself chasing after the German Lennard Kämna.

→ ROUTE. Tour de France 2020: the map of stages

Kragh Andersen, who had never won on the Tour before, brought Sunweb another success after that of Swiss Marc Hirschi on Thursday in Sarran (Corrèze). The 26-year-old Dane, winner of Paris-Tours in 2018, won the Paris-Nice time trial last March.

“I had really good legs, savored the winner of the day. Marc Hirschi inspired us, it gave us confidence ”.

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Sunday, the 15th 174.5 kilometer long stage links Lyon to the top of the Grand Colombier. Two first-class passes, the Selle de Fromentel and the Col de la Biche, are climbed before the final ascent of 17.4 kilometers (at 7.1%), classified out of category.

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→ The results of the day: The complete classification of the 14e stage of the Tour de France 2020

→ The general classification: Find the general classification of the Tour de France 2020


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Just be honest, all your spouse standards can be ignored

The day ended with pouring rains that seemed to ease the heat of the South somewhat.

A rainy day brings people back to memories, where the joys and sorrows are often confusing. Then I secretly hope to have someone to talk to and share my own stories, so that I will no longer feel lonely and alone in this world.

I was born in 1991, currently working and living in Bien Hoa, Dong Nai, a hometown in Thanh Hoa. I am naturally peaceful and cheerful, taking care of people. I hope through a few short lines of confession, luckily find a person to share sadness and happiness together and help each other overcome difficulties in life. Thinking all the standards are just redundant without the sincerity of each person. If we only need to be sincere, everything else we can ignore and build up.

Work and busy life make these quiet moments so rare. The future is still a big question mark that always reminds me to try harder. Sometimes I suddenly think about distant things and let myself into them but then stop, because dreaming of reality is too far away.

Wishing everyone always peace.

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Tour de France 2020: abandonment of Romain Bardet, victim of a concussion

Romain Bardet, the best French chance for the general classification after the fall of Thibaut Pinot in the first stage, had to abandon the Tour de France on Friday evening September 11, suffering from a concussion after falling in a downhill during the 13th step.

The Auvergne runner took exams at Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital after the finish of the race at Puy Mary (Cantal). He occupied 11th place in the general classification. “The fall was violent, downhill, and I struggled all day, said Romain Bardet. The medical examinations confirmed what I had foreseen and I am not able to continue the race ”.

→ MAINTENANCE. Romain Bardet: “You have to go to the end of your abilities, then accept your destiny”

Second in the Tour in 2016 and third in 2017, Romain Bardet was the best French chance for the general classification after the fall of Thibaut Pinot in Nice. His retirement is the first of his career in the Tour de France in which he has participated every year since his first participation in 2013.

Date of resumption of competition according to the evolution

Winner of several mountain stages in previous years, he brought back the polka-dot jersey for the best climber last year on the Champs-Élysées. “Romain had a brain scan which did not reveal any lesion”, said Dr Eric Bouvat, doctor of the French team. However, he must stop his sports activities. His date of resumption of the competition will be defined according to the evolution ”.

→ ROUTE. Tour de France 2020: the map of stages

The start of the 13e stage was given in Châtel-Guyon (Puy-de-Dôme), near his place of residence in the vicinity of Clermont-Ferrand. The arrival was judged at Puy Mary which he described on Friday morning as “A great spot”, “One of my favorite places”.

At the start of the race, he met his wife Amandine and his first child Angus, born during confinement, on the side of the road. “The legs are one thing, success is something else, he admitted before this step. It’s OK for now. But there is a part of fatality in this “.

A fall of 65 km / hour

Romain Bardet fell at the 100th kilometer of the route of the 13e 191.5 km stage, at the same time as the Dutchman Bauke Mollema, soon forced to retire (fracture of the left wrist), and other riders including the Colombian Nairo Quintana. Stunned, his right hip raw, he got back on the bike to take his place in the peloton and finish the stage.

→ THE FACTS. Tour de France 2020: Daniel Martinez wins in the 13th stage

If he was left behind on the ramps of the last two climbs, the Frenchman managed to limit the loss of time in the general classification, falling from fourth to eleventh place, three minutes from the wearer of the yellow jersey, the Slovenian Primoz Roglic.

The fall occurred in a wide downhill curve, at a speed of 65 km / h according to the details he gave on arrival. “At this speed, it’s not a harmless fall”, had reacted in race his sports director Julien Jurdie.

“I was cursed today”

“It couldn’t be worse todaysaid the runner after the finish. I stumbled and hit my head. I struggled to find my senses instantly. I have severe pain in my right leg. I lost all my feelings in my fall, I was cursed today ”.

→ DOSSIER. Tour de France 2020: all the information to follow this 107e editing

Romain Bardet’s 8th Tour de France, his last under the colors of the AG2R La Mondiale team for which he has been racing since his debut, therefore ended prematurely. Next year, the native of Brioude (Haute-Loire) will run for the German team Sunweb.


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Find the ‘big lady’ to cure ‘loneliness’

Let me tell you about my boss. Her boss is 1.55 m tall, weighs 55 kg, was born and raised in a province in the Central region.

Because she was indifferent to enjoy outside pleasures, she forgot that she was 32 years old. Suddenly one day, she found out that her face was imprinted with time, to be frank. crow’s feet (probably going out a lot). Finished, startled and panicked, realizing he had been hit by loneliness – a poison that did not kill the host immediately but made the heart wither every winter. The owner also used to write articles to find someone to help, but maybe the charm is not enough so the antidote has not been found. Now I ask permission to post on her behalf for the second time, hoping to find “great lady” for her life.

A little bit of symptoms of the owner for you to watch out for medicine. My boss is straightforward, honest, cheerful, sociable and self-sacrificing. A bit stubborn but very understanding, forgiving, generous; Although sometimes in the morning, the afternoon rain, but there is always a sense of right and wrong to correct.

My boss loves to share. She will straighten out the problem she has and subtly tell him what he is thinking. She will tell you a lot of interesting stories and hope you too. Try to be patient, then you will be compensated for a good night’s sleep, because she thinks sharing, sympathy is the key to a stable marriage. She enjoys a simple life with family and close friends. In addition, she also loves dogs, is green, loves growing flowers and decorating houses.

My boss is short so I love it if anyone is tall, so she hopes you don’t be below 1.65m. I hope that your medicine has sincere, serious, a bit difficult ingredients as long as you love your family, a stable career and know how to share.

A few things like that, perhaps meeting each other will be more standard. Grandmothers please extend your hand to help my landlord. Your reward will be a loyal love and a warm family.

Thank you everyone for reading my article and wish those looking for a loving half will find it soon.

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