Training the unemployed: a lot more money for low efficiency

Posted Nov 25, 2022, 7:30 AMUpdated Nov. 25, 2022, 9:33 a.m.

France has never devoted so much money to the training of the unemployed: more than twice as much as the average of the countries of the European Union. This is one of the highlights of the third evaluation report, published Thursday, of the skills investment plan (PIC), the 15 billion euro scheme launched at the start of Emmanuel Macron’s first five-year term to five years.

Specifically, more than 1 million training courses were initiated in 2021, all public funders combined, i.e. 231,000 more than in 2018, the first year of application of the plan. This is without counting the 610,000 training courses financed via the personal training account (CPF) of job seekers independently, that is to say without the participation of Pôle emploi. To the point of “creating a blur” with the PIC, pointed out, as already last year, the chairman of the committee, Marc Gurgand, also a professor at the Paris School of Economics.


World Cup 2022: matches and results for Friday November 25

► Iran revive with 2-0 win over Wales

Iran can dream of a first round of 16 in its history after a 2-0 victory over Wales on Friday in Doha, in the second meeting of Group B of the 2022 World Cup. “Team Meli” scored the two goals at the very end of the match by Rouzbeh Cheshmi and Ramin Rezaeian, while the Welsh were reduced to 10 after the exclusion of their goalkeeper Hennessey, the first red card of this World Cup.

Iranian players, silent during their first match of the 2022 World Cup, sang their national anthem before this meeting. The choice, described as “collective” by captain Alireza Jahanbakhsh before the World Cup, not to sing during the match against England, had been seen as a sign of support for the victims of the harshly repressed demonstrations in their country.

► Qatar eliminated after losing to Senegal (3-1)

Qatar, beaten by Senegal (3-1) on Friday at the Al-Thumama stadium in Doha, was eliminated from its World Cup, five days after its defeat in the opening match against Ecuador (2-0).

With Ecuador failing to defeat the Netherlands, Qatar became the first World Cup hosts to exit the competition on matchday two of the group stage.

► The Netherlands hooked by Ecuador (1-1)

The Netherlands and Ecuador, both victorious on the first day in Group A, were neutralized (1-1) on Friday in Doha and will be in favorable tie next Tuesday when aiming for the round of 16 of the World-2022.

► England – United States

For the last match of the day, England will face the United States. The English, who started their competition very well against Iran (6-2). As for the Americans, they managed to hold Gareth Bale’s Wales in check in their first meeting (1-1).

Despite some concerns, England star Harry Kane should start the game well. A won match would allow England to qualify already for the round of 16.

► Neymar, hit in the right ankle, will be forfeited against Switzerland

Neymar, victim of a sprain Thursday against Serbia (2-0), is affected in the ligament of the right ankle and will be absent Monday against Switzerland during the second match of Brazil at the World Cup-2022, announced Friday the doctor of the Selecao.

Rodrigo Lasmar, doctor of the Brazilian federation (CBF), announced that Neymar suffered from a “lateral ligament injury” ankle, while defender Danilo also suffers from a sprain. “We won’t have these two players for our next game, but they are continuing their treatment with the aim of recovering them in time for the rest of the competition”he said in a video broadcast by the CBF.



Budget 2023: the executive and the senatorial right are battling on the deficit trajectory

Posted Nov 25, 2022, 8:22 AMUpdated Nov. 25, 2022, 9:53 a.m.

Who is the most serious in terms of public deficit? The Senate adopted Thursday evening the first part devoted to the receipts of the finance bill for 2023, offering the opportunity for a new pass of arms between the government and the senatorial majority on the right around their credibility in terms of control. public accounts.

The section adopted by the senators results in a text that has been largely reworked compared to the initial copy of the government. First victim, the reduction in production taxes (CVAE) wanted by the executive, which was finally removed after a miss from the senatorial right which only wanted to amend this government reform. Above all, parliamentarians have expanded the measures devoted to communities, in particular by strengthening the “safety net” put on the table by Bercy to compensate for the increase in energy expenditure.

Credibility issue

All this resulted in a rather heavy bill for public finances. Bercy had thus calculated that the deficit should be raised to 5.2% of GDP next year (against a forecast of 5% in the government project) in view of all the amendments voted. Senators have lowered inheritance tax for 2 billion euros, reduced several VAT rates (on public transport in particular, but also margarine or the equine sector) for 700 million or raised the tax credit for childcare. 250 million children.

What pose a problem of credibility for the senatorial right, which continues to criticize the government for its lack of ambitions in terms of deficit reduction. Just before the final vote, the senators therefore removed by a second deliberation several costly amendments (in particular that on inheritance rights) or badly targeted.

In the end, the deficit therefore stands at 4.9% of this first examination of the Senate. “This is done only on the backs of companies, since this reduction in the deficit is based on the abolition of the reduction in the CVAE, otherwise the deficit would be at 5.1%”, lashed Gabriel Attal, the Minister Delegate for Public Accounts . A way to put LR at odds, which has allowed itself to be overwhelmed by the left when it is in favor of lowering production taxes.

New 49.3 coming soon

The Bercy tenant also joked about the fact that the Senate voted for a budget trajectory for 2027 which provides for a 4.6% deficit from 2023. euros in savings on credits, we are waiting for you to tell us where”, he attacked. The general rapporteur for the Budget (LR) in the Senate, Jean-François Husson, repelled these attacks. “I’m not sure that one or the other has lessons to give in this area,” he said.

The Senate began on Thursday evening to examine the second part of the finance bill devoted to expenditure, while the final vote for the entire text is scheduled for December 6. The budget will then go back to the Assembly, where the government should again resort to 49.3 to adopt it. Gabriel Attal has already warned that he will restore the reduction in production taxes on this occasion.

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World Cup 2022: no boycott for the debut of the Blues, followed by 12.5 million viewers

The French team made a successful debut at the 2022 World Cup: more than 12.5 million viewers followed Tuesday from 8 p.m. on TF1 its big victory against Australia (4-1), according to figures from Médiamétrie published Wednesday, November 23.

While the World Cup in Qatar had been the subject of boycott calls before its start, this match achieved the “best audience since June 2021 for all programs and all channels combined”, welcomed TF1.

This number of viewers is comparable to that of the first match of the Blues at the 2018 World Cup, again against Australia (12.6 million), which took place on a Saturday noon.

Over 5 million viewers for the opening game

At the time, however, viewers of the entry into the running of the Blues represented a larger share of all those watching television at that time (69% audience share, against 48.1% for Tuesday’s game).

TF1 is the only channel in France to broadcast the World Cup unencrypted, also broadcast on beIN Sports for a fee. Sunday, November 20, the opening match between the host country – Qatar – and Ecuador, broadcast at 5 p.m., had attracted more than 5 million viewers.

These audience scores seem to show that the calls for a boycott of which the competition was the object did not have a notable impact. Since the awarding of the World Cup to Qatar in December 2010, the competition has sparked many controversies on subjects such as respect for human rights and the protection of the environment.



What we know about the rape charges against Sofiane Bennacer, excluded from the Caesars

The actor Sofiane Bennacer, 25, is accused of rape and physical and psychological violence by four ex-companions, announced the public prosecutor Edwige Roux-Morizot and the daily “Le Parisien” this Friday, November 25. The young actor was considered the revelation of the film “the Almond Trees” by Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi, acclaimed by critics.

Four complaints of rape and violence

“There were two indictments for acts of rape” on two ex-girlfriends as well as a third “Indictment for spousal abuse”, said the prosecutor of Mulhouse, where the case is being investigated. As part of a fourth complaint filed by another ex-girlfriend who denounced acts of rape, Sofiane Bennacer was placed under the more favorable status of assisted witness.

The sequel after the ad

The facts alleged occurred “between 2018 and 2019” in Mulhouse, Strasbourg and Paris, and the presumed victims evolve “in the theater world”, according to Edwige Roux-Morizot. The alleged victims “describe an affair under the influence, during which non-consensual relations would have taken place”says “the Parisian”.

The National Theater of Strasbourg (TNS), where he had been admitted before resigning in 2021, had seized the Ministry of Culture of the facts “gender-based, sexual violence and harassment”. The Ministry of Culture then made a report to justice, said the prosecutor. Benjamin Morel, administrator of the TNS, told AFP on Wednesday that “it was Sofiane Bennacer who made the decision to resign on February 19, 2021”.

Sofiane Bennacer excluded from the competition of the Caesars

Sofiane Bennacer was one of the 16 actors (and 16 actresses) selected in mid-November as “emerging talent” by the Revelations Committee of the Académie des César. The institution decided in the wake of the announcement to exclude him against his will from the race for the nominations of the most promising male 2023.

French cinema faced with the Haenel and Polanski affairs: “Silences will be more and more culpable”

The Academy decided that “the information published by the press since November 22 […] ordered, without prejudice to the presumption of innocence and out of respect for the alleged victims, to remove it from the list of 32 Revelations for the César 2023 “she said Wednesday evening in a press release.

The sequel after the ad

Actor’s denial

” I am innocent […]. Does the presumption of innocence still exist? Or are we in a state of lawlessness, a state where the simple baseless accusation can destroy a life? », launched the actor in a long message on Instagram. He had already disputed the facts during his indictment.

“I may be boycotted by the cinema. Either way I got humiliated deep in my soul […]. I’m going to be free in a few months because I haven’t done anything […]. If there was any evidence against me, not just bogus testimony, real evidence, I would already be in jail. »

Reaction from the film crewAlmond Trees »

According to the newspaper “Liberation”, which explains in its edition of this Friday that it interviewed around thirty people, including around fifteen professionals from the production team of “Amandiers”, the filming of the film took place in a climate of“omerta”.

“At no time did the production know before hiring him and at no time did the production orchestrate the slightest omerta to ensure that nothing came out of this story”assured producer Patrick Sobelmann to France Inter, before adding:

“It was absolutely impossible to stop filming and fire Sofiane for a very simple reason: we had no legal basis to do that. »

The director of the film Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi, current companion of Sofiane Bennacer according to several media including “Liberation” and “Le Parisien”, denounced in a press release a “media lynching, very far from a desire to inform objectively and impartially”. The director adds that she decided to continue filming despite her knowledge of “ rumors “concerning Sofiane Bennacer, who had it” artistically impressed […] from the first second of casting » of his movie.

#MeToo was only a first wave


Biologists go back on “renewable strike” from December 1

Posted Nov 25, 2022, 8:50 AM

The showdown continues between liberal biologists and the government. After two months of opposition to the Social Security budget, the biologists’ unions have called for a new “renewable strike” from December 1, believing that they have received “no concrete response” from Medicare. to their latest proposal.

Received at Medicare on Monday after their three-day strike last week, the four liberal biologist unions had submitted a “compromise” to their interlocutor, requiring a response by Wednesday evening at the latest. Opposed to the “sustainable planing blow” of 250 million euros per year – included in the Social Security budget (PLFSS) for 2023 -, they consented to a drain of the same amount next year, reduced to 145 million 2024 to 2026. But at the end of their ultimatum, they regret having received “no concrete answer”.

The director of Medicare, Thomas Fatôme, however welcomed their “strong commitments”. While hoping that the exchanges can “continue to allow the achievement of the objective set” in the PLFSS.

Join the movement of liberal doctors

But this is too little, say the biologists, who are calling for “a written and quantified return to (their) proposal” before resuming discussions. They consider having “no other choice” than to “go on strike renewable from December 1”.

A date chosen in order to “join the movement initiated by other health professions”, in particular liberal doctors, most of whose unions are calling for the closing of practices on December 1 and 2.

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World Cup 2022: why are six players from the South Korea team called Kim?

In France, the most common surname is Martin, borne by 235,846 people, which is equivalent to 0.35% of the population. In South Korea, 10 million people are called Kim… That is 20% of the country’s inhabitants! It is therefore not surprising that four defenders of the national team present at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar bear this surname.

The reason is to be found in the kingdom of Silla, which extended in the south-east of the Korean peninsula for almost a thousand years, between 57 BC and 935. One of the royal families of this period, which imposes and reigns during seven hundred years on Silla, decides to use the Korean word Kimwhich means “gold”, as his surname.

Fill the state coffers

If in Korea surnames have long remained the prerogative of aristocrats, it becomes advantageous to have one at the end of the Joseon period, which lasts from 1392 to 1897, because it confers economic and social advantages, according to the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Indeed, two wars against China and Japan push the ruined Joseon dynasty to allow slaves and commoners to adopt a surname. The reform thus aims to fill the coffers of the State, since people without a surname were not taxable.

Kim, Lee or Park

The wealthy merchants of that time therefore wished to appropriate this symbol of power and could buy the right to bear the patronymic of prestigious but penniless families. The new rich fake the archives in order to be able to boast of a noble filiation.

Later, it was the Japanese who colonized the peninsula in 1905 and forced Koreans to adopt surnames. Most choose Kim, Lee or Park, three powerful clans in the region. Together, these three names make up 45% of contemporary South Korean surnames, and the surname of the current ruling dynasty in North Korea is also Kim.

This shared surname therefore does not necessarily presume a common ancestor. However, the law has long prohibited South Koreans from marrying someone with the same name as them. After three tries, the government finally succeeded in abolishing this provision in 1999.



The risks of carpooling

Andrey Popov/Andrey Popov –

RIGHT OF THE USER – While carpooling has become a generally user-friendly mode of travel, it is not without risk for the driver.

Carpooling is the joint use of a motor vehicle by several people and for which financial exchanges are limited to the sharing of costs (petrol, tolls). Outside this framework, you will be prosecuted for violation of the regulations on the transport of people.

You do not have to take out additional insurance since civil liability insurance is sufficient for carpooling, but beware it does not cover all situations.

You do not risk any prosecution in the event of an offense related to the transport of luggage whose content is illegal or of a person in an irregular situation since you had no knowledge of it.

You will also not be liable if adult passengers do not fasten their seat belts, but you will be liable for a fine per unfastened passenger if they are minors.

Finally, if you use a company vehicle to carpool, it is imperative to obtain the prior agreement of the employer. Otherwise, he could incur sanctions or even dismissal.



EXCLUSIVE SURVEY – The French find the government’s energy policy difficult to read

Posted Nov 22, 2022, 12:00 PMUpdated Nov 24, 2022 12:49 PM

Emmanuel Macron, with his speech in Belfort last February and then between the two rounds of the presidential election, made it one of the major themes of his campaign. The government debated its energy policy last week in the National Assembly. The ace. According to the OpinionWay-Square barometer for “Les Echos” and Radio Classique, 70% of French people have a negative view of the government’s energy strategy, believing that it is not clear. Even among voters who voted for Emmanuel Macron in the first round of the presidential election last April, only a narrow majority (55%) finds this strategy clear.

“The government’s policy is not legible in terms of energy, it seems opaque, confused to a large majority of French people. All the variations that have taken place in recent years, the oscillations during the campaign, the changes in policies have created illegibility, confusion, ”explains Frédéric Micheau, deputy general manager of OpinionWay.


As for the objectives displayed by the executive, the least that can be said is that they raise doubts among the French since only a minority (42%) think that the government is doing everything possible to ensure that France produces electricity low-carbon, to ensure its energy independence and to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels…

These doubts are accompanied “also by the idea that you have to rely on your own strength, in particular in this period of fears of tension on the electricity network”, continues Frédéric Micheau when 69% of French people think that citizens should do more be encouraged to produce their own energy.

Prioritize renewable energies

The French are, on the other hand, very divided on the budgetary policy to be implemented for the energy transition since a very small majority (51%) considers that this transition justifies significant public expenditure, even if it means increasing the deficits while 48% oppose it.

If opinion has varied a lot in recent years vis-à-vis nuclear power, it is more favorable to renewable energies (ENR), which are better accepted. A majority of French people thus think that the government should first favor the development of renewable energies (59% against 39% for nuclear power) and unsurprisingly, 63% prefer to see a wind farm set up nearby rather than a power station.

But in the projects which must be a priority according to the French, solar is acclaimed (81%). It is followed by the construction of new nuclear power plants (66%) then, by offshore wind power (64%) and finally, onshore wind power (58%).

Wind turbines… but far from home

While the bill to accelerate the production of renewable energies, widely voted in the Senate, began its journey in the Assembly on Monday in committee, the main measures of the text are widely supported by the French and in the lead, the obligation to install photovoltaic panels in car parks with more than 80 spaces within three to five years (87%) or the simplification of procedures for the installation of wind turbines at sea (68%).

Not to a contradiction, they also support, at 63%, the right of veto of mayors on the establishment of ENR projects in their municipality or the surrounding municipalities that the LR senators had introduced before removing it. This suggests that they are in favor of renewable energies, especially when they are located far from home.

But they are also much more likely to support the provision which has replaced the right of veto and which requires mayors to designate areas in their town planning documents to accommodate renewable energy projects (81%). “Through their elected officials, citizens want to be able to influence decisions and be more involved,” says Frédéric Micheau. The condition, no doubt, of greater acceptability.


World Cup 2022: matches and results for Thursday November 24

► Switzerland wins against Cameroon 1 to 0 thanks to Embolo

Switzerland beat Cameroon 1-0 thanks to a goal from Breel Embolo for their entry into the World Cup-2022 on Thursday in Doha, and took the lead in group G before the Brazil-Serbia match in the evening.

Embolo remained impassive after his goal, scored after returning from the locker room. The striker, a native of Yaoundé, had announced before the match that he would try not to celebrate if he scored with the “Nati” against his native country with which he has kept very strong ties.

► Uruguay and South Korea back to back (0-0)

Uruguay and South Korea, despite the pedigree of their respective attackers, did not find the opening (0-0) after a balanced and lively match in which the defenders took the upper hand on Thursday at Doha in Group H of the 2022 World Cup.

If the former Bordeaux player Hwang Ui-jo wasted a great opportunity in the box (34th), it was Celeste who proved to be the most dangerous, Godin (34th) and Valverde (90th) touching the posts while Suarez , replaced by Cavani (64th), and Son were little in sight.

► Portugal beats Ghana 3-2, Cristiano Ronaldo historic goalscorer

Portugal beat Ghana 3-2 to enter the 2022 World Cup in Qatar (Group H), thanks in particular to a penalty from Cristiano Ronaldo, who became the first player to score at five different World Cups on Thursday. at Stadium 974, Doha.

The 37-year-old Portuguese star, without a club since breaking his contract by mutual agreement with Manchester United, made World Cup history by converting a penalty (65th). The Ghanaian Andre Ayew equalized (73rd), but Joao Felix (78th) then Rafael Leao (80th) revived the Portuguese, who however trembled at the end of the match after the goal of Osman Bukari (89th).

► Brazil – Serbia

For the last game of the day, Neymar’s Brazil will face Serbia at 8 p.m. French time. Defeated in the quarter-finals in 2018, the Brazilian “Seleção”, the most successful in the history of the World Cup, will try this year to win their sixth world title.

For that, it would be better that their entry into the running against Serbia, 21st in the Fifa ranking, is successful, at the risk of finding themselves back against the wall against Switzerland and Cameroon in the following matches.