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The municipal council of Grenoble authorizes the wearing of the burkini in municipal swimming pools

The ecologist mayor Eric Piolle opened the session by denouncing “the injunctions on women’s bodies” and those who “allow themselves to comment in a more or less threatening way on the physical appearance of women and their way of dressing”.

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It’s a yes. The municipal council of Grenoble gave the green light, Monday, May 16, to the port of the burkini, this swimsuit covering from head to toe, in municipal swimming pools. The adopted modification of “conditions and prices for access to municipal swimming pools” also allows you to come topless. This one was adopted with 29 votes for, 27 against and 2 abstentions, relates France 3 Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.

The ecologist mayor Eric Piolle opened the session by denouncing “the injunctions on the body of women” and those who “allow themselves to comment in a more or less threatening way on the physical appearance of women and the way they dress” recalling that Grenoble, by its past, is “a feminist city”. He kept repeating that the burkini is a “non-subject”. According to him, the modification of the internal regulations of municipal swimming pools is only intended to “remove aberrant clothing prohibitions”.

He received the support of a hundred personalities including feminists who believe in a recent forum that “no one should be stigmatized even in the basins because of their choice of jersey”. But for its opponents, the burkini is a blatant symbol of oppression of women and is similar to the full veil that the Taliban have just reimposed on women in Afghanistan.


Benefits of eating fennel and sugar candy – will increase hemoglobin and eyesight

Saunf Aur Mishri Ke Fayde: Fennel and sugar candy are often given to eat after eating food in the restaurant. It acts like a good mouth freshener, but do you know that eating fennel and sugar candy has many health benefits. By eating fennel and sugar candy together, you will be healthy for a long time. It contains nutrients like zinc, anti-inflammatory, antioxidants, calcium, potassium. that improve your health. Eating fennel and sugar candy in summer gives coolness to the stomach. Both these things are boon for the eyes. Let us know what are the benefits of eating fennel and sugar candy together?

1- The digestive system becomes strong- Eating fennel and sugar candy not only brings freshness in the mouth, but it also helps in digestion of food. Fennel has many such digestive properties, due to which the process of digestion becomes active immediately. After eating fennel and sugar candy, food gets digested quickly.

2- Increase hemoglobin- If your hemoglobin remains low, then you must eat fennel and sugar candy. This removes iron deficiency in the body. Eating fennel and sugar candy increases the level of hemoglobin and also improves blood flow in the body.

3- Beneficial for eyes- Eating fennel and sugar candy can keep the eyes healthy for a long time. This improves vision. If you eat fennel and sugar candy together, then it will improve your vision and gradually it will also help in removing your glasses.

4- Relief in cough and cold- If you are having cough and sore throat then you should eat fennel and sugar candy. The medicinal properties present in it will give you relief from cold and cough.

5- Beneficial for oral health- If you have eaten something in the food after which the mouth smells, then you can eat fennel and sugar candy. Due to this the smell of the mouth disappears. Eating fennel and sugar candy removes bad breath. It also helps in maintaining the pH level of the mouth and also keeps bacteria away.

Disclaimer: ABP News does not confirm the methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article. Take these only as suggestions. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

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82nd day of hostilities: Britain says Belarus can hold back Ukrainian troops

Ukraine’s eastward advance may be delayed because of the Belarusian special forces across the border, in the context of fierce fighting in the Donbass region.

“The presence of Belarusian forces near the border can hold back Ukrainian units, making them unable to deploy for operations in the region. Donbass“, the British Ministry of Defense said in the update of the military situation on May 16.

The information comes in the context of the Belarusian military last week announcing the deployment of special operations forces to the southern border in three tactical directions, accusing Kiev of gathering 20,000 troops in this area, prompting Minsk to take countermeasures. response.

Russian rocket artillery hit a target in Kharkov province, northeastern Ukraine, in the photo released at the end of April. Photo: AFP.

“There is evidence that US-made counter-reaction radars have been deployed close to the border in the area Ovruch, northern Ukraine. The country is gathering about 10,000 troops in the direction of Rivnewith 6,000 people in Ovruch and 4,500 in Chernihivalong with artillery units equipped with modern American weapons and air defense forces,” said Belarusian Army Deputy Chief of Staff Igor Korol.

The Belarusian official added that Ukrainian forces have planted mines on the streets and bridges in the vicinity, and increased troops patrolling the border. “All of them are armed, there is a possibility of a provocative situation,” General Korol said.

Russia’s Defense Ministry today accused Ukraine’s special services of creating a fake scene to blame the Russian military for using chemical weapons in hostilities.

“Ukrainian special forces detonated a landmine that was buried with a ton of ammonium nitrate on a farm near the village of Mazanovka in the Oblast region. Donetsk this afternoon. The explosion created a toxic cloud about a kilometer high and spread to the Kramatorsk region. A similar action was carried out by Ukrainian security near the village of Dolgenkoye in Kharkov province on May 11, “the Russian Defense Ministry said.

82nd day of hostilities: Britain says Belarus can hold back Ukrainian troops

Russian mortar batteries participated in the war in Ukraine in the video released on May 16. Video: Zvezda.

The Russian military also announced that it had reached an agreement on the evacuation of wounded soldiers after negotiating with representatives of Ukrainian forces besieged in the Azovstal iron and steel factory in the southern city. Mariupol. “The ceasefire will be enforced during the evacuation, and the wounded Ukrainian soldiers will be transferred to a hospital in the nearby town of Novoazovsk,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement.

Ukrainian officials have not commented on these reports.

Governor of the province Kharkiv Oleh Sinegubov announced that Ukrainian units had pushed back Russian forces from the outskirts of the country’s second largest city and moved closer to the Russian border.

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry also released an image showing a Ukrainian military unit standing next to a border marker with Russia in Kharkov. On Facebook, the agency said that the 227th Battalion of the 127th Brigade of the Ukrainian army had approached the Russian border. However, Ukrainian officials did not specify how many troops were close to Russian territory and in what border areas they were fighting.

Russia has not commented on the information. Ukraine recently repeatedly announced a counter-attack, pushing Russian forces out of Kharkov.

Department of war in Ukraine.  Graphics: Washington Post.

Department of war in Ukraine. Graphics: Washington Post.

Lugansk Governor Serhiy Gaidai said the situation was “still complicated” as Russian forces tried to capture the town. Sieverodonetsk. Office of the President of Ukraine says clashes are taking place around the city Kherson in the south and Russian missiles hit many targets in the city Mykolayiv near.

After more than 80 days of fighting, the war in the Donbass region became a tug-of-war between Russia and Ukraine, especially in areas with difficult terrain. US intelligence director Avril Haines said both Russia and Ukraine “believe they can continue to make progress militarily, so we don’t see a viable negotiating path forward, at least in the short term, at least. term”.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has so far recorded more than 6.2 million Ukrainians leaving the country after February 24, the time when Russia launched a military campaign to “demilitarize and de-fascistize”. Ukraine”.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) reported a total of 7,564 civilian casualties in Ukraine, of which 3,668 died and 3,896 were injured, but warned the actual number could be much higher.

Vu Anh (According to Interfax, AFP)



Lexus RZ 450e, on the train of change

TEST – Designed from the outset as a 100% electric vehicle, this large SUV marks the turning point taken by the Japanese brand on the path to zero emissions.

The luxury brand of the Toyota group makes the commitment: from 2030, its range will be fully electrified. So no time to waste. Illustration with the launch of the Lexus RZ 450e, from the beginning of next year. Indeed, if there has already been a zero emission proposal with the UX 300e, it was only the electrification of a thermal model. Nothing to do, therefore, with the newcomer sharing with the ToyotabZ4X and the Subaru Solterra a new platform specifically dedicated to this technology. Unlike its two cousins, which display a measured power of 204 hp in two-wheel drive and 218 hp with all-wheel drive, the Lexus SUV, however, asserts its superior standing by only being offered with four-wheel drive and two engines. , one at the front of 204 hp, the other at the rear of 109 hp. Power comes out at 313 hp and torque at 435 Nm, instead of 336 Nm.


If the machine claims an acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in just 5.6 seconds, against 7.7 s for its cousins, its top speed remains identical and limited to 160 km / h. With the same 71.4 kWh battery, the WLTP range drops to around 400 km, while Toyota and Subaru claim 450 to 510 km depending on the version. This announces little more than 300 km at steady speed on the highway. Skinny for a road-oriented vehicle, even if Lexus innovates by offering a Range mode allowing you to grab a few kilometers of autonomy when the battery is almost discharged.


With 4.80 m, the RZ is longer than the bZ4X and the Solterra by a dozen centimeters. He takes the opportunity to offer a slightly larger trunk, around 550 liters. Resting on a large wheelbase, its interior space is generous, with rear seats offering plenty of legroom and a flat floor. Inspired by manga, the style remains quite tormented, with sharp angles and worked shapes. The front face without grille and the plunging bonnet display the specificity of the model. With a very sloping tailgate, barred by a wide light strip and surmounted by an original two-part spoiler, the rear reinforces the dynamism of the silhouette.

On the technological level, the attraction comes from an electronic direction dubbed “One Motion Grip”. Doing without any mechanical link between the steering wheel and the wheels, it is a world first. The device is accompanied by a surprising “Steer-by-Wire” steering wheel in the shape of a butterfly which would not denote in a Formula 1. With the variable gear ratio, it allows you to go from stop to stop in less than one turn . It’s quite amazing in the maneuvers, even if it takes a little getting used to not systematically oversteer. Another advantage of the system is that it offers a much clearer view of the road and instruments.

Choose your direction


The model is not yet homologated, it is on circuit that we could try it. If the behavior is of course not that of a sports car, the RZ 450e however makes you forget its 2.3 tonnes thanks to consistent acceleration, pleasant handling and convincing braking. In addition to the low center of gravity provided by the batteries integrated into the floor, the Direct4 all-wheel drive, which allows an optimal and almost instantaneous distribution of the torque between the four wheels, adds a very reassuring natural balance.

If the active control of the sound, via the loudspeakers, possibly makes it possible to recreate an evocative sound atmosphere, silence remains one of the outstanding qualities of the electric. Concerned about the well-being of its passengers, the RZ 450e embellishes it with a few original treats, such as radiant floor heating or a photosensitive panoramic roof that can be lightened or darkened with the touch of a button. A large touchscreen tablet integrated into the dashboard allows you to manage the main vehicle functions, as well as the new Lexus Link multimedia system with voice assistant and compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In the end, the level of comfort has nothing to envy to that of a large sedan.


The RZ 450e will be available in dealerships from January 2023 in standard version. On the other hand, it will be necessary to wait a few additional months to have the version equipped with the by-wire direction. The price will range from 75,000 to 85,000 euros depending on the version.



New WhatsApp Feature: Upcoming Abandonment Feature, New Status Will Change The Look Of WhatsApp Status, See Details

New Delhi: WhatsApp Status Updates: WhatsApp has a large number of users. Needless to say. Users also love WhatsApp as there are always new features coming on the platform. As such, WhatsApp is about to add a new feature to the company status. According to the report, the link preview will now also appear in the status. Currently, when sharing any URL or link in the status. Then only the URL appears. But, after the latest update, the meta description along with the thumb image will also appear. Simply put, the plain-URL will not appear after the new update. WABetaInfo, which tracks WhatsApp’s features, has announced a new update. WABetaInfo reports that the new features are being tested on the beta version of iOS.

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A screenshot of the new features has also surfaced. New features will soon be tested on Android and desktop. In 2017, WhatsApp released the Reach Link preview update for chat and now it is also being checked for status. WhatsApp is also testing a new feature called Status for the Androi app. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announced the WhatsApp emoji reaction. In addition, another great feature is being added to WhatsApp.

In WhatsApp, you don’t need to create two groups to add a lot of people, because soon you will be able to add 512 people in a single WhatsApp group. Currently, testing of this new feature of WhatsApp is underway on beta version. No information is available about when this update will be released to everyone. Importantly, currently only 265 people can be added to a group. Also, another new feature is coming on WhatsApp. Which will give more power to group admins. The group admin will be able to delete any message with the help of this feature.

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REPORT. In a college in Poitiers, students drop their phones in exchange for rewards: “We see it more like a game”

In the playground of the private school group Isaac de l’Étoile, in Poitiers, many groups of students have their eyes glued to their screens. Anaïs, a second-year student, is satisfied: “Before, I was seven hours a day in front of my phone. Today I am at four o’clock.” The fifteen-year-old girl is one of those students who is experimenting with an educational and connected pocket, “Pozzz”, created by the Bordeaux start-up Genius Objects. The pocket helps to regulate the time of use of the telephone , in exchange for multiple rewards, such as cinema or karting tickets.

This private Poitevin school group has been testing the system since the beginning of April for some of its 2,000 students, in 5th and second grades. At several times of the day, Anaïs slips her phone into the famous pouch, a sort of case with a zipper. Thanks to Bluetooth, an application counts the time when the device is no longer used.

“Letting go of your phone, no longer looking at social networks and no longer spending your time on social networks, it was complicated at first“, explains the teenager of fifteen years. “Before, when I was doing my homework, I had my phone right next to me and when I got a notification, I looked at it.“Anaïs now has more time in her days. She says she enjoys these moments”to spend some more time with my family and to read.

The longer the phone pause times, the more points teens earn, which can be used to earn rewards. The school group puts around 500 euros to finance them. “You realize you don’t really need your phone. If you only watch it once in a while, that’s enough.“says Arthur, a fifth-grade student, who has just won a tree climbing session, thanks to his disconnection. “We see it more like a game and we are even rewarded for turning off our phone!“smiles Paul, a fifth-grade student.

“I think it’s very educational because it’s not your parents yelling at you to stop your phone.”

Paul, fifth grader

at franceinfo

For the moment, about twenty pockets are tested in the establishment. And every student plays the game.”This makes them responsibleestimates Jérôme Schimizzi, the digital referent in the school group. I’m not convinced it would work that fast and that well without a reward. We speak to them with their words and their universe. So it’s not somethinghas-been or binding.

At the end of the experiment in mid-June, the teaching team will decide whether or not to generalize the use of these pockets. They could also be, for example, reserved for interns.

In Poitiers, teenagers drop their phones in exchange for rewards: the report by Noémie Bonnin



Mix honey in amla powder and eat it daily, will not fall ill

Benefits Of Eating Amla With Honey: Amla is very beneficial for health. Amla is considered to be a chronic food. Those who consume Amla, their age stops. Amla is very beneficial for strengthening hair, skin, stomach and immunity. If you eat amla mixed with honey, then it becomes even more beneficial. Amla with honey becomes good in taste. You can consume amla powder mixed with honey. By eating gooseberry and honey with hot water at night, all the diseases related to stomach are removed. Both these things are the power house of anti-oxidants. Let us know the benefits of eating amla and honey.

Benefits of eating amla and honey

1- Blood sugar control will remain- If amla is eaten mixed with honey, then it keeps blood sugar level under control. This keeps the insulin level right. While honey is a natural sweetener, the elements found in amla control diabetes. For this, you can eat Amla powder mixed with honey.

2- Immune system will be strong- Amla is rich in Vitamin C. Eating it mixed with honey keeps infections away. The body remains healthy by eating amla. Eating honey and amla keeps diseases away and strengthens the immune system.

3- Digestion is strengthened- If you eat gooseberry and honey together, it improves digestion. This is one of the very effective remedies for stomach. Eating amla helps in proper digestion of food. Its consumption encourages metabolism and opens up the appetite.

4- Cold cough will remain away- People who regularly eat amla in some form or the other do not have the problem of cold and flu. If you have a cold and cough, it is beneficial to eat honey and gooseberry twice a day in the morning and evening. To make it more effective, you should consume it with ginger water.

5- Will stay young for a long time- People who eat amla do not have problems related to hair. There is a glow and glow on the skin of such people. Eating amla does not cause the problem of wrinkles on the face. You should eat one amla powder mixed with honey daily. This will keep you young.

Disclaimer: ABP News does not confirm the methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article. Take these only as suggestions. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

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Paris 2024: before the Olympics, sport as a tool for social innovation

Suspended nearly 15m high, Ibrahim displays a bright smile. He didn’t hesitate for a second, tackled the climbing wall without trembling and, having reached the top of the wall, took advantage of the view without the slightest dizziness. The descent, well wedged in his harness, is obviously too fast, but he must leave room for his comrades.

They are six students from the Sylvain-Dauriac primary school in Bagatelle, a popular district of Toulouse, to do their range in the discipline, this Wednesday afternoon, at the Quéfets gymnasium in Tournefeuille, in the suburbs of the Pink City. But it is already a small revolution, possible thanks to Paris 2024.

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The project in which these kids are taking part is part of the “Impact 2024” program which, for the past two years, has been supporting initiatives carried out by multiple players, athletes and institutions. An endowment fund has been created for this purpose. In 2021, 4.9 million euros had been spent on 224 projects. They will be around 250 this year to share an envelope of 5.8 million euros.

“With our brand, we bring visibility to projects that must show how sport can change lives, underlines Damien Combredet-Blassel, Sport & Society Manager at Paris 2024. We also want them to help get the different players used to working together and that such good practices will take hold beyond the Games if possible. »

“Broadening Horizons”

Endowed with €42,000, the Occitanie league project of the French Mountain and Climbing Federation carries this ambition. “It starts from a desire to introduce young people from the neighborhoods to our discipline, far removed from their concerns, to broaden their horizons by taking them to the mountains”, exposes Anne Geernaert, the director of the regional FFME league.

Initially, the desire was to associate schools from two priority neighborhoods of city policy (QPV), Bagatelle in Toulouse and Laubadère in Tarbes (Hautes-Pyrénées), and to allow regular exchanges on sites offering the access to the many joys of the mountains (hiking, climbing, via ferrata, etc.).

But the realization testifies to the difficulties encountered in this kind of project. “We had misjudged the resistance to the health pass in the neighborhoods, and we were therefore unable to launch the operation in the fall of 2021 with middle school students, because they could not have access to the gymnasiums”, illustrates Anne Geernaert.

At the end of winter, after an initiation on a mobile climbing block at the college which had some success, more than a hundred students showed interest. But when planning a trip to Tournefeuille’s world-class climbing wall, “We fell during Ramadan and only two students showed up, also tells Ethel Barnabé, former CPE of the college and seasoned climber at the origin of the project. We therefore turned to the CM1-CM2 of the elementary school who took advantage of the windfall! “.

“Encouraging perseverance, the main challenge”

On the side of Tarbes, it is the inauguration deferred for six months of a new climbing wall which has also postponed the project. Its promoters are in the starting blocks to really bring it to life from the start of the next school year. “It’s a long job to attract young people, also convince parents to trust us, recalls Ethel Barnabé. On our territories, it takes a lot of energy to register an activity in the long term. Encouraging perseverance is our main challenge. »

→ ANALYSIS. Construction sites under pressure, poorly protected workers

In Tarbes, Marlène Margui, relay of the project and member of the Roc & Pyrène club, wants to add another dimension to the affair: to convince, in addition to young people, certain mothers. “To form a group of women and ultimately succeed in a common challenge on an ascent in the summer of 2023, explains the host, who also works on city policy. There are many obstacles to overcome, in particular the cultural weight which does not facilitate access to sport for women in these neighborhoods, but I want to believe in it. And I hope to demonstrate with this pilot project that it is possible, and to inspire other clubs. » Experimenting and then expanding, such is the challenge for Paris 2024.


Doing better around disability

With its Impact program, Paris 2024 also hopes to provoke a “interesting leverage effect”says its manager, Damien Combredet-Blassel: “When we invest €1, it enables us to raise €3 from other partners. » Since 2020, Paris 2024 has had 700,000 beneficiaries of its program. An effort to continue, and to accentuate for projects of access to sports practice for the disabled, “currently our area of ​​weakness”recognizes the delegate general. “Projects around disability require a lot of time, skills and specific equipment, which explains the difficulty in bringing them to light, tip Apolline Vedrenne, Paralympic referent in Occitania. But Paris 2024 should put a particular focus on disabled sport next year. »


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A series of upcoming destinations in Phu Quoc

Proposal, Vortex show, “Eagle Eyes” game, Hon Thom Paradise Island… are upcoming projects in Phu Quoc, promising to attract domestic and foreign tourists.

Phu Quoc has recently been rated by many tourists as a city with many creative ideas with world-class architecture, resort, real estate and entertainment projects. In addition to the colorful miniature Mediterranean town in the South Island, the Sun Signature Gallery building designed by architect Bill Bensley as an art museum is also worth considering. In the near future, Ngoc Island will have more interesting new experiences, waiting for visitors to return in the summer.


One of the architectural works that attracts special attention of both Vietnamese and international tourists in Phu Quoc is Cau Hon, expected to be released later this year. The bridge is located in the heart of the Mediterranean town, a combination of three elements: architecture, structure and art. It is expected that when completed, the bridge is expected to look like a sculpture instead of a bridge over the sea.

Proposal with fancy architecture, full of romantic meaning will be released in Phu Quoc at the end of 2022. Photo: Sun Group

The bridge consists of two branches, each 400 m long, which is likened to two soft silk strips reaching out to the middle of the sea, approaching but not touching each other. The boundary between the two branches will be one of the top places to watch the beautiful sunset in Phu Quoc. With bold artistic design, inspirational story and construction materials, Bridge of Honour promises to become one of the new iconic works of Phu Quoc.

Show Vortex

Next to the Proposal, when completed, there will be an additional theater complex on the beach, where the Vortex show will take place. This is an art performance using modern technology with visual effects, light, sound, laser, smoke, fire and water, harmoniously combined with the art of storytelling. The show will take 5,000 spectators on the adventures of young Luigi and his friends to fight against a threat from space.

Show Vortex performed right next to the Proposal.  Photo: Sun Group

Show Vortex performed right next to the Proposal. Image: Sun Group

An entertainment spot for those who love challenges

Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park in the South Island is currently one of the leading entertainment destinations with a series of new and challenging entertainment games. Here, visitors can experience the immense ocean view, panoramic view of the colorful Dai Trung Hai town from the world’s longest sea-crossing three-wire cable car; or challenge yourself with a water slide at Aquatopia water park…

The game “Wrath Snake” just launched at this entertainment area also quickly attracted attention, being chosen by many people as a thrilling game full of challenges. This is also the first wooden roller coaster in Vietnam with a journey of nearly 900 m, 14 steep slopes and complicated spirals. The game promises visitors moments of challenge, suspense and excitement when conquering the elevated tracks with breathtaking views.

Mr. Brad Loxley, Deputy General Director of Sun World Operations said that “Wrath Snake” deserves to be one of the world’s leading slickly designed wooden roller coasters.

Rage Snake Game at Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park

Roller coaster “Wrath Wood” at Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park with unique wooden architecture. Image: Sun Group

In addition to the wooden roller coaster, visitors can admire the panoramic view of the sea and sky of Hon Thom from the “Eagle Eye” observatory with a 360-degree view, 120 m high, just launched on the occasion of April 30. In particular, another game expected to be released in June this year is “Tornacle”, promising to bring a new adventure for tourists when coming to the South Island.

Resort for the elite

Phu Quoc is famous as a resort with a world-class resort chain such as JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay, New World Phu Quoc Resort, Premier Village Phu Quoc…

It is expected that in December 2022, Ngoc Island will have another world-class resort project, meeting new and luxurious elements in terms of design, service and prime location, La Festa. Located between the center of the Mediterranean town and opposite the Bridge of Marriage, two projects invested and built by Sun Group, La Festa inherits the breath-taking beauty of the southern Italian coastal town of Amalfi and the Architectural works, high-class tourism around.

Luxury resort in Mediterranean town

A corner of the Mediterranean town in the South of Phu Quoc island. Image: Sun Group

Besides the attractions and entertainment mentioned above, the upcoming real estate project in Phu Quoc Hon Thom Paradise Island also attracts a lot of attention from both domestic and foreign investors and tourists. Visitors can move to Hon Thom by cable car across the sea, enjoy an upmarket lifestyle with an entertainment-resort complex with interesting and new experiences and luxurious and classy services.

Northwest of Phu Quoc, Bai Dai with clear blue water, golden sand and whispering waves, promises to become a vibrant destination when Sun Group invests in a complex of resort real estate and high-class commercial services. Sun Secret Valley.

“Sun Secret Valley carries the concept of moving with stillness, in static with movement with three distinct product types: shophouse, shop villa, retail villa. The Avenue is the first subdivision introduced with luxurious commercial colors, waiting for the future owner to come and discover”, a representative of Sun Group shared.

Nguyet Di



Toyota bZ4X, on tiptoe

TEST – First contact with the Japanese giant’s compact SUV scheduled for June and displaying measured performance.

A pioneer of hybrid technology with the Prius in 1997 and a proponent of the hydrogen-powered fuel cell, Toyota is stepping into the flourishing electric car market. Admittedly, the world number 1 does not intend to lag behind, but the immaturity of technology and consumers calls for some caution. The major program unveiled last winter shows that the Japanese will have to be reckoned with from the second half of the decade. Like many manufacturers before it, Toyota has found it necessary to house its range of battery electric vehicles under a new label: bZ for Beyond Zero.


Proof that the Japanese manufacturer does not intend to cut corners, the first model of the new bZ family will only be produced at 16,000 units in 2022; 35,000 in 2023. Baptized bZ4X, this model developed with Subaru is an SUV exceeding the Rav4 by almost 100 mm (4.69 m) and equipped with a generous wheelbase of 2.85 m, i.e. all the same 160 mm more than the hybrid SUV. Its style is in line with the manufacturer’s latest achievements. The main original features of this balanced silhouette concern the pointed bonnet, the large black spots represented by the plastic panel stretching from the front wheel arches to the slender headlamps, as well as the horizontal light strip connecting the two rear lights whose light signature forms a paperclip.

Complex ergonomics

Denis Miller

The bZ4X is based on the modular eTNGA platform developed for a multitude of electric vehicle architectures. Two versions are on the program: traction with a 204 horsepower permanent magnet motor installed at the front or four-wheel drive with a second 80 kW machine placed on the rear axle to deliver a cumulative power of 217.5 horsepower. In this case, the torque gains 70 Nm to deliver 336 Nm. Both versions accommodate a 71.4 kWh battery integrated into the chassis and contributing to the rigidity of the whole. It is a little worse than the Volkswagen ID.4 whose accumulators have a capacity of 77 kWh. In return, Toyota announces a controlled weight of 1920 kg for the entry-level version, 2005 kg for the all-wheel drive model of which we were able to try a pre-series version. Although the lines are now known, the bodies of our vehicles still wore camouflage. What was not the case of the cockpit.


Peugeot’s i-cockpit seems to have inspired Toyota designers with a steering wheel that seems to form a single block with the digital instrument cluster located a good distance away. This arrangement, which dispenses with the use of the head-up display, determines a perfectible driving position. When you are used to driving the seat low to the ground, the rim of the steering wheel conceals part of the screen, unless you are driving with the steering wheel on your knees. In the center, sits a large 12.3-inch touch screen with neat ergonomics. Toyota had the good idea to keep the air conditioning controls separate. On the other hand, the multiplication of disparate materials is paid for by a perceived quality barely above the average. Despite the presence of 30 liters of storage, we will also be surprised at the absence of a glove box, while the electrical architecture eases the constraints in terms of space. This is true for the really generous rear seats. As often, the central square is unfortunately not the most welcoming. The 452-litre boot reinforces the family vocation of the first model in the bZ family.

Denis Miller

Toyota’s first electric vehicle boasts a range of 422 km in the 4-wheel drive version (450 km in traction). We couldn’t verify it, but the consumption on the motorway shows that reaching 300 km will be a feat. The optional solar roof would provide 1,800 km of additional autonomy over a year. Performance in terms of recharging is not exceptional, the bZ4X not accepting a power greater than 150 kW. Going from 10 to 80% would take thirty minutes. With an on-board charger limited to 6.6 kW, charging the battery from a household outlet takes eleven hours. The adoption, at the end of 2022, of an 11 kW on-board charger will reduce the wait to seven hours. A choice that stems from electrical technology. Repeated high-speed charging is detrimental to battery life. If the lowered center of gravity allows you to approach turns with great confidence, the suspensions favoring comfort will curb your enthusiasm.

Denis Miller

The performances are in the average of the category and we will especially remember from this SUV its ability to think outside the box. With a ground clearance of 210 mm and the various programs of its X Mode all-wheel drive developed with Subaru, the bZ4X is capable of evolving on a rough road, getting out of the trap of a muddy track, crossing a ford up to at a depth of 500 mm, to multiply bridge crossings and to slide down a slope without touching the pedals. Returning to the asphalt, we discover that the “one pedal” function does not dispense with using the brakes to stop. The dosage of this one appeared to us to be perfectible. As for the direction, a little more firmness would not have harmed the approval. This question should be settled with the arrival in 2023 of a by-wire management.

Denis Miller

Finally, on the price side, this electric SUV should be just below 45,000 euros (excluding bonuses) but Toyota communicates above all on rent. It would start at 399 euros per month over thirty-six months and 30,000 km, after a first payment of 13,450 euros.