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Why are the States General of Justice criticized even before being launched?

They will not be launched in a judicial enclosure, but at the Palais des Congrès in Poitiers (Vienne). Emmanuel Macron will open the States General of Justice, announced in June, Monday, October 18. The president thus responds to a request made by Chantal Arens, first president of the Court of Cassation, and François Molins, the Attorney General at the Court of Cassation. In the midst of a controversy after a more lenient verdict on appeal in the case of the burnt police officers in Viry-Châtillon and the confirmation of the criminal irresponsibility of the murderer of Sarah Halimi, the two highest magistrates in France had expressed concern about the “systematic questioning of justice”, criticized for its slowness and accused of laxity by police unions and political leaders.

However, these States General are criticized even before their launch. Their schedule, above all, is called into question. Franceinfo explains why.

Because they arrive late in the quinquennium

These States General will have to develop proposals for “put back to flat” the system. They will bring together for several months, in working groups, the entire justice ecosystem: judges, prosecutors, clerks, auxiliaries, lawyers, bailiffs, prison supervisors, as well as volunteer citizens.

If their vocation is to restore confidence between the French and the judiciary – 68% of them believe justice “too lax”, according to a recent CSA survey – not sure that they are sufficient to reweave the links between the magistrates and the head of state.

As pointed out The world, Emmanuel Macron will have waited until the end of his mandate to deliver a speech giving his vision of justice, so that no less than three bills, including a programming law over five years, were brought by his successive Keepers of the Seals. The appointment of the latest, Eric Dupond-Moretti, remains the most media act of the president in the field of justice, recalls Le Figaro. A decision very badly received by the judicial world and the magistrates’ unions, who obtained the indictment in July of the former lawyer for “illegal taking of interests”.

Do these States General aim to ring the hour for reconciliation? No, according to confidences distilled in the press. According to the Politico news site, Emmanuel Macron believes that he has already made a substantial effort for the justice budget – up 33% over five years with 650 magistrates recruited – and that it is time to hand over the judges in their place. “The sub-text will be: ‘you are not in self-management'”, slips an adviser of the executive to Politico.

Because some fear political recovery before the presidential election

If the calendar of these States General questions, it is also because they are located six months from the presidential election. To guard against this criticism, the presidency has promised that they will be organized in complete independence from the executive. The consultations which will take place throughout France will be piloted by an independent commission, chaired by the senior official Jean-Marc Sauvé, already at the head of the commission of inquiry into the sexual abuse of minors in the Church.

This commission will also include the two senior magistrates Chantal Arens and François Molins, as well as the chairmen of the legislative committees of the Assembly and the Senate, to ensure a “transpartisan”, specifies the Elysee to AFP. At the most, Emmanuel Macron will be able to “draw” among the proposals likely to “interest him”, “in the same way as all the other candidates”, we assure at the Castle in the columns of 20 minutes.

The proposals formulated at the end of February could thus provide the president-candidate with a framework of the program for a possible second term and join those he is starting to tackle for a deadline going beyond April 2022: the France 2030 investment plan, the planning and orientation bill for internal security (Lopsi) of 2022 or the experimentation in Marseille of “schools of the future” whose directors could choose the teachers.

Because it is the next term of office that will inherit the implementation of the measures

As for the fate of the proposals that will emerge from these States General, the presidency promises that “Anything that may come under the regulations will be carried as quickly as possible, with pragmatism. The Minister of Justice will be responsible for managing this until the elections”. On the other hand, since the Assembly will have finished its session (which will end at the end of February, a month and a half before the presidential election) all that will come under the law, including what requires budgetary financing, will have to wait for the next five-year term.

“Whatever executive is in power in 2022, it will be able to draw on the conclusions of the general states of justice”, pleads the entourage of the Head of State in Le Figaro.

If they consider that this vast consultation comes too late, the actors of the system will not boycott the event. The idea is not to be resistant to everything, obviously, emphasizes to 20 minutes. Lucille Rouet, general secretary of the Syndicat de la magistrature. We hope that the format of these States General will not obscure the question which always seems central to us, when we talk about justice: that of financial means and staffing. “


Nutrila Kids Superfood will help in the physical and mental development of the child, height and weight will increase

Nutrela Kid’s Superfood: All parents are worried about the food and drink of their children. Balanced nutrition has a great impact on the physical and mental development of children. You should include such a diet in the diet of children, in which all the nutrients are present. It is important to include things rich in vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber and herbal extracts in the diet of children. This type of food helps in the proper development of the children. However, nowadays due to unhealthy lifestyle, children are not able to get proper nutrition. The result of which is that many types of health problems have started occurring in children. Weak immunity, fatigue, problems related to bones and teeth have become common in children. In such a situation, you must include a supplement full of nutritious elements in the diet of children. Patanjali’s Nutrela Kid’s Superfood is one such natural supplement that helps in the overall development of your baby. All superfoods, vitamins and minerals have been included in this supplement. Children’s body also gets rich amino acids and proteins from Patanjali Nutrela Kid’s Superfood. It has been prepared after many scientific tests. This is a good supplement for the development of growing children of 4 to 12 years. It is 100% vegetarian, GMO free, formulated without any preservatives and colours. The special thing is that children’s favorite chocolate flavor has been given in it. Know how Nutrela Kid’s Superfood helps in the development of the child.


Nutrients in Nutrela Kid’s Superfood

Nutrila Kids Superfood contains all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids necessary for the growth of children. It is a supplement rich in calcium and protein which helps in the physical development of the child. Many herbal extracts have been used in this. Contains Sunflower Oil, Cocoa Powder and Shankh Pushpi Powder. At the same time, extracts of walnut, almond, linseed, brahmi, soya, rose, ashwagandha and basil have been added, which gives strength and power to fight diseases.

Nutrela Kid's Superfood will help in the physical and mental development of the child, height and weight will also increase

Benefits of Nutrela Kid’s Superfood

1- Plenty of protein has been included in Nutrela Kid’s Superfood. By consuming it, the body gets essential amino acids. Due to which the muscles of children become strong.
2- Cow’s milk powder has been used for protein in Nutrela Kid’s Superfood. Growing children need a lot of protein. This also affects the growth of the child.
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5- Nutrela Kid’s Superfood contains vitamin B12 and folic acid to make the child’s brain healthy and strong. This makes the mind strong.

Nutrela Kid's Superfood will help in the physical and mental development of the child, height and weight will also increase
6- Nutrela Kid’s Superfood contains all the essential nutrients like almond and walnut powder for the development of children’s brain. This is a complete food for your child’s mental development.
7- The memory of children increases by the consumption of Nutrela Kid’s Superfood. This is a good supplement for the memory of studying children.
8- Nutrela Kid’s Superfood is rich in vitamin D and calcium, which can strengthen bones, teeth and muscles.
9- Real seeds have been used in Nutrela Kid’s Superfood, which removes the deficiency of omega-3 fatty acids in the body. This makes the heart, bones and body strong.
10- Nutrela Kid’s Superfood is a completely natural and herbal supplement made from extracts. Sunflower oil, cocoa powder and conch pudding powder have been used in this.
11- Nutrela Kid’s Superfood contains extracts of Walnut, Flaxseed, Brahmi, Soya, Rose, Ashwagandha and Basil to strengthen the mind, which gives strength and power to fight diseases.

Disclaimer: ABP News does not confirm the methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article. Take these only as suggestions. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, please consult your doctor.

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Rugby referees run behind the rules

Helped by video assistance for twenty years, equipped with a microphone for thirty years, well before their colleagues in other team sports, rugby referees have always been one step ahead. But that does not seem to be enough for the international body of the oval, World Rugby, which keeps putting the work back on the job. This year alone, the game directors have had to integrate five new rules or arrangements, two of which are still very far from being fully absorbed by the men at the whistle as by the players.

One is called 50/22. It allows a player to kick in touch from his camp, in the opposing 22 m, and to recover the throw-in if the ball rebounded before going out (before, it came back to the opposing team). Excellent in principle, since it is about promoting the attacking game, this innovation caused a wave of panic at the start of the season. “In the first match, we messed up despite the video, because we weren’t used to asking for a wider shot which would have shown us that a kick granted was invalid”, explains Laurent Cardona, Top 14 referee.

Player safety first

But it is above all a new tackle rule prohibiting a player from accompanying his teammate in his fall when falling on his opponent which gives headaches to the referees. “We must make a decision very quickly taking into account the danger, the intention, the influence of this fault on the rest of the game”, continues his colleague Cédric Marchat, who nevertheless welcomes these new rules: “It’s good to constantly adapt, it keeps us from rusting!” “

→ ANALYSIS. French rugby union dreams of a founding weekend

Well in his political role, the technical director of refereeing, Franck Maciello, reminds him that the priority of the authorities is to protect the sporting integrity of the players, in a physical context which has hardened a lot for twenty years. Formerly slender, the rears have lost nothing in speed, but weigh about twenty kilos more.As for the forwards, the “big ones” as they are nicknamed in rugby, they have retained their mass and gained in speed. “You don’t need to have completed an engineering school to understand that the weight-to-power ratio makes impacts much more dangerous”, explains one of the youngest Top14 referees, Thomas Charabas, 32 years old.

“Not always easy to follow”

Less tongue-in-cheek than his colleges, this super-graduate who reconciles his work as a professional referee and a post of emergency doctor in Bayonne, does not hide certain difficulties of adaptation in the first weeks. “Learning the new rules and understanding them isn’t the hard part. The difficulty is to apply them in a fraction of a second, in the letter but also with the intention of the player who erred.In the preparation camps where we trained among referees, we did not always agree between us on the decisions. “

Thomas Charabas is not at the end of his sentences because other adjustments, particularly concerning tackles, are underway in the bodies of this constantly evolving sport. Which has changed its rules more than a hundred times, since the first codification of rugby in 1846.



Tavernier, Baer & Poelvoorde, Ducournau & Campion … the Lumière Festival as if you were there

Honor the dead, celebrate the living and celebrate the movies. The Festival Lumière de Lyon has been following this slogan for thirteen years, to the delight of moviegoers. This edition was special because the first to be held in the absence of his soul and godfather Bertrand Tavernier. The emotion was great at the opening night when the appearance of his photo on the giant screen and following a montage of images around his commitment to cinema and culture in the region , Tavernier, ex-president of the Lumière Institute which he created in 1982, received a standing ovation from the 4,500 spectators of the Halle Tony Garnier.

Bertrand Tavernier, the indignant who would have liked to be a contemplative

The next day, an evening in his memory was organized at the Auditorium of Lyon with Thierry Frémaux as Mr. Loyal, delighted to see the room packed. Under the watchful eye of her children, Nils and Tiffany Tavernier, her granddaughter Lisette, and many collaborators (from Marina Vlady to Mélanie Thierry via her director of photography Alain Choquart) the variegated extracts from her films and testimonials of its actors (François Cluzet, Gérard Jugnot) alternated with musical performances – Jeanne Cherhal taking up the song “the Commune is in struggle” from “Judge and the assassin”, the trio of Henri Texier “‘Round Midnight” in memory from “Around midnight” and Lambert Wilson a poem from Aragon. As a proof of his eternal presence, it was Tavernier who, equal to himself, had the m

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Ho Chi Minh City proposes to delay the collection of seaport infrastructure fees

The People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City continues to request the City Council to delay the time of collecting seaport infrastructure fees to April 1, 2022, 6 months behind schedule to support businesses.

The above proposal was mentioned by Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City Le Hoa Binh at the 3rd meeting of the City People’s Council, term X, on the morning of October 18. This is the second time the city government has proposed to delay the collection of port infrastructure fees. Last time, instead of applying it from July 2021, the City Council expected to collect collection from the beginning of October.

Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City Le Hoa Binh read the reports at the 3rd meeting of the City People’s Council, term X, on the morning of October 18. Photo: Long Ho

However, the complicated developments of the fourth epidemic caused Ho Chi Minh City to social distance for 4 months with many levels from May 31 to September 30. This has affected all socio-economic activities in the city. Statistics show that by August this year, Ho Chi Minh City has had 24,000 businesses leave the market since the beginning of the year.

The port infrastructure fee project is assigned by the City People’s Committee to the Department of Transport to build with the expectation of collecting more than 3,000 billion VND each year to invest in the road system around the ports. The lowest fee is 15,000 VND per ton and the highest is 4.4 million VND for a 40 foot container. The money collected after deducting up to 1.5% to the toll collector will pay the budget to invest in transport infrastructure in the area near the port. The collection of fees is not in cash but through the electronic system; the use of human resources at the port.

Port infrastructure fees of the project.  Photo: Department of Transport.

Port infrastructure fees of the project. Photo: Transportation facilities.

According to the Department of Transport of the city, when the traffic around the port improves, the transportation time is shortened, transport units and import-export enterprises benefit. Ports will develop according to the capacity and budget of the city, thereby increasing revenue from import and export tax, corporate tax, VAT..

At the meeting, Vice Chairman of the City People’s Committee Le Hoa Binh said that he also presented eight other submissions for the City Council’s opinion, including: investment in the Ho Chi Minh City – Moc Bai expressway phase one with a total capital of VND 15,900 billion. ; spending on agricultural extension activities; approve the list of investment fields and social infrastructure; Resolution on specific policies on tuition fees for preschool children in the school year 2021-2022; increase the level of social support for the beneficiaries of social protection; medium-term public investment; adjusting the public investment plan in 2021; support policies for people who follow drug addiction treatment in the community.

Huu Cong



After the theft, the switched off iPhone can be easily found, this feature will be used


  • Work feature for iPhone users.
  • A lost iPhone can be easily found.
  • Find My Phone with the help of Find My app.

New Delhi:Apple is constantly striving to enhance the convenience of its users. Apple has added new features to its Find My app for its users. Now users can easily find their stolen iPhones, iPads and other products through AirTag. With the new operating system iOS 15, the company has given a new feature in the Find My app. This will help you to find the phone even if the battery is depleted or switched off.

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You can use this function only if you have a compatible iPhone and this feature is on. This feature is available in iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

How to enable this feature?

  • To do this, go to phone settings and tap on your name.
  • Now tap on Find My option.
  • Then tap on Find My iPhone and toggle on the list.
  • Now find the Find My Network option and enable it.
  • This feature will help you find the iPhone even when you are offline.
  • Now check the Last Location option. If the battery is low, it will send the last location of the iPhone to your Apple account.
  • Restart the iPhone to see if the feature is turned on. The feature is enabled if a findable message appears on the iPhone after turning it off.
  • Now you can find or track an iPhone linked to an, Mac or Apple account using the Find My App on the web.
  • You can find an iPhone linked to an Apple account via the web or another Apple device.

Use of the web

Log in to using the Apple account linked to the iPhone. A green point will appear after logging in, indicating the location of the phone. You can also see the Lost Mode, Play A Sound and Array options by clicking on the ‘i’ button. The message can be sent to the number through Lost mode. When the feature is enabled, the iPhone will be locked and can only be unlocked with a passcode.

Use the Find My app on Mac and other Apple devices

The app has all the same options as the web version. It is more organized. You can find the iPhone with the help of a map, by tapping on the location of the device.

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Seine-Saint-Denis: anti-Semitic writings slipped into dozens of mailboxes in Romainville

Antisemitic writings or targeting political representatives were slipped Saturday, October 16 in several dozen letterboxes of pavilions in Romainville (Seine-Saint-Denis), France Bleu Paris reports this Sunday. The National Office for Vigilance Against Antisemitism (BNVCA) lodged a complaint.

It was a resident of the town who alerted the BNVCA on Saturday, after finding newspaper pages with anti-Semitic inscriptions in his letterbox, such as “Ripoux Jewish Bankers”, “Jewish power, planetary threat”, “the Jewish racketeering since 1945”. These anti-Semitic leaflets were placed in the letterboxes of at least fifty pavilions on rue du Capitaine Guynemer and avenue du Colonel Fabien in Romainville.

“The inhabitant who warned me also lodged a complaint and I invite all the inhabitants who received these cuts to do the same, whether they are Jewish or not”reacts Sammy Ghozlan, president of the National Office for Vigilance Against Antisemitism. “Elected officials who received it gave the alert and residents also called the town hall. This is where we understood the extent of the phenomenon”, explains Flavien Kaid, chief of staff to the mayor.

These newspaper clippings also include references to anti-Freemasonry or targeting political representatives, such as the right-wing candidates for the next presidential election, Valérie Pécresse, Xavier Bertrand and Michel Barnier, or the former Minister of the Interior and former mayor of Lyon, Gérard Collomb.

On these newspaper clippings deposited in dozens of letterboxes in Romainville (Seine-Saint-Denis), on October 16, 2021, there are also references to anti-Freemasonry or targeting political representatives.  (National Office for Vigilance Against Antisemitism)

The mayor of Romainville François Dechy says he spoke on this subject with the prefect of Seine-Saint-Denis and does not rule out filing a complaint. According to Sammy Ghozlan, who also spoke with the prefect, “everything will be done to identify and challenge the perpetrator, including by using existing video surveillance.”


Know how the diet of children should be in growing age, which nutrients are important?

Child Growth: Parents are often concerned about the height and weight of their children. Children’s height is specifically determined by the three most important factors, genes, diet and lifestyle. You cannot change a child’s genes, but you can change a lot through diet and lifestyle. The diet of a child has a great impact on its development. You should plan the diet of the child by making a balance of proteins, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates in the food. So that its length and body can develop well. Today we are telling you about the essential nutrients for good growth and development of children. You can help in the proper development of the child with these things.

Essential nutrients and their sources for children

1- Vitamin- Foods rich in vitamins should be included for the proper development of children. Vitamin D is very important for bone health and height. Vitamin D helps in the absorption of calcium in the body. Vitamin D deficiency can not only lead to weak bones but also stunts the growth of children. This also has a negative effect on the height of the child. Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin C, Riboflavin, Ascorbic Acid and Vitamin F are also essential for proper development of children. You must include fruits and vegetables in the diet of children for vitamins.

2- Minerals- Minerals are also essential for the height and proper development of the child. You must include foods rich in iron, magnesium, phosphorus, iodine, manganese and fluoride in children’s diet. These minerals help in increasing the growth of children. Calcium is also very important for the body. This not only strengthens the bones but also improves the overall development of the child.

Kids Development: Know how should be the diet of children in growing age, which nutrients are important?

3- Protein- Protein is considered one of the most important dietary factors when it comes to increasing height in children. Protein plays an important role in the building, growth and maintenance of muscles and tissues. Lack of protein can result in stunted or abnormal growth as well as low muscle mass. Therefore, you must include the right amount of protein in the diet of the child.

Kids Development: Know how should be the diet of children in growing age, which nutrients are important?
4- Carbohydrate- Carbs are also considered very necessary in the diet to increase the height of children. Carbohydrates provide energy to the body. Carbohydrates are essential for maintaining energy in children. Include healthy carbohydrates in your child’s diet. For carbohydrates, you can include whole grain foods like wheat and barley.

Kids Development: Know how should be the diet of children in growing age, which nutrients are important?

5- Other Nutrients- A child’s diet should include carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals, as well as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. This affects the health and height of your baby. You should also include good fatty things to strengthen the bones of children. For this, you can also feed ghee and butter to children. Choose foods for children that contain all the nutrients.

Disclaimer: ABP News does not confirm the methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article. Take these only as suggestions. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

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Successful bet for Alexandre Allain, young transplant marathoner

Nothing differentiated them, at the start, from the 35,000 runners participating in the Paris marathon. A young boy and an older man willing to run together under the banner of the Grégory Lemarchal association, named after this young singer who died at 23 in 2007 from cystic fibrosis. Nothing but very usual on an event where many run for a cause.

→ PORTRAIT. The marathon of the young transplant recipient and his surgeon

The feat of being at the start was inside the chest of the youngest, Alexandre Allain, also suffering from this disease affecting 6,000 people in France and transplanted from both lungs four years ago, while he He only had 6% breathing capacity and a few months to live. The challenge was also in the legs of Antoine Mugniot, his surgeon, a good athlete without more. And who had taken it into his head to accompany his young operated on in his somewhat crazy adventure, while he was in deficit of serious preparation and he had never run over such a long distance.

The famous 30 km wall

42 kilometers and 5 hours and 31 minutes later, almost three times more than the winner and the elite winner, a Kenyan and an Ethiopian who ran in just over two hours, they won their bet. Crossing side by side, smile on the lips, in an obvious emotion and that no one can really measure without doubt.

The last kilometers were arduous, giving a cold sweat to the fans who were waiting for them at the finish. They had not seen them since kilometer 30 because of the route, and watched with concern as the clock approached the six-hour limit imposed by the organization. “I hit the famous 30 km wall in the face, I had to walk a bit because a knee injury woke up, explains Alexandre Allain to The cross. Despite everything, I never doubted to arrive on time because we had taken the lead on the first half which went well. “

His surgeon teammate, as well as the two other people who accompanied them from start to finish, were a little more afraid. “I wondered if it was very safe to continue, nothing to do with the lungs which were obviously working very well, but on the muscular level, it was borderline”, explains Doctor Antoine Mugniot.

“I looked at the sky thinking of my donor”

The surgeon is both happy with his performance and happy to have carried the cause of transplants so high. ” I accompanied Alexandre because I have affection for him, but also because this Paris marathon fell on the day of organ donation in the world, explains the Nantes surgeon. Its success is a tremendous message of hope for all transplant recipients and a reminder that there is a shortage of transplants in all areas. If we put this message forward, I will be a totally happy marathoner ”.

Alexandre Allain carried within him another source of energy, even stronger, that of the man who donated his two lungs to him. “I had said before leaving that I would call on him if I struggled, he recounts. That’s what I did and he helped me a lot. When I crossed the line, I looked at the sky ”.



“Porn mutates enormously under the influence of social media”

To the customs officer at the Los Angeles airport who asks her if she’s coming for business or pleasure, Bella replies: ” Pleasure. “ Business or pleasure ? This is the question or rather the ambiguity on which the porn industry is built. By staging a young Swede, free and ambitious (said Bella, played by Sofia Kappel), who tries to break into American porn, Ninja Thyberg radiates this environment without taboos or Manichaeism, source of so many fantasies.

Forty-six years after the seminal “Exhibition” by Jean-François Davy, a reportage portrait of actress Claudine Beccarie, the reality of porn has changed a lot: a trashy and colorful tale with strong documentary accents, “Pleasure” testifies with relevance. . The film hits theaters on October 20. “L’Obs” met its director.

“Pleasure” was born out of an investigation of several years that you carried out in the American porn industry. How did you find yourself in this environment?

I have been interested for twenty years in the subject that I approached from different angles. I first wrote a short film, also called “Pleasure”, based on a university essay I wrote in Sweden on porn and gender studies. But I felt a little hypocritical when I interviewed my ambition to portray the real people behind the stereotypes conveyed by porn when I had never set foot on a set or met the people who do. I was feeding off my fantasies

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