June 15, 2021


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NotMe, the anti-harassment application, arrives in France

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Ariel Weindling grew up with John Grisham’s detective novels. “The lawyers were the heroes. It made me want to make it my job, but I never imagined working in France, ”says the man who is now as American as he is French. His law degree in hand, this Alsatian therefore flew to the United States in 1998, he obtained a master’s degree from Boston University, returned for a time to Europe to work for an Anglo-Saxon firm, but very quickly left for the United States. United, where he passes and obtains the Los Angeles bar.

He then specialized in labor law, practicing for several large American firms, such as Littler and Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp, where he advised companies on various subjects, from harassment to overtime. When the #MeToo movement starts in the United States, he realizes that the floor must be freed. “I realized that lawyers were part of the problem. And if the well-known actresses, harassed by Harvey Weinstein, had not found the strength to denounce it, the problem was undoubtedly even greater for ordinary employees, ”explains Ariel Weindling.

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