Noomi Rapace, on “Lamb” poster: “All my roles are myself”

High cheekbones, icy smile, hands full of dirt, Noomi Rapace, in Valdimar Johannsson’s “Lamb”, discovers that the lamb that is born on his farm is, in fact, uh… a weird creature? A rejection of evolution? A christ monster? DNA smear? Or, simply, a special effect of Icelandic cinematography? Far from the roles that made her famous – notably that of Lisbeth Salander, the punk hacker on motorcycle of “Millennium” -, Noomi Rapace immerses herself in a peasant character, with a truth that one does not expect to find at a regular at haute couture salons and festivals, where we see her, sometimes wearing a blonde wig, sometimes made up like an houri. It is this faculty of transformation which led her to play in “Prometheus” by Ridley Scott, in “Passion” by Brian De Palma or even in “When the night comes” by Michaël R. Roskam. At 42 years old, this daughter of a flamenco singer and a theater director, after a stormy adolescence, has found her way: to remain herself, “Whatever the costume”. We will soon see her as a witch in a Serbian film and a hired killer in an American title. Passing through Paris, enthusiastic, warm, she looks back on her past. With humour. And with the Swedish accent.

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It’s hard to play Maria, the peasant girl who does not correspond so little to

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