April 21, 2021


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Nissan Qashqai, to come back to the fore

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NEW – Already sold 3 million units in Europe, the Japanese manufacturer’s bestseller is completely renewed.

Despite a name to sleep on, the Qashqai (pronounced kachka├») has defied all predictions since its launch in 2007. Leader of modern SUVs, the Japanese crossover has already sold 3 million units in Europe, including 300 000 in France alone. Faced with intensified competition, Nissan’s bestseller had lost its luster.

Neither quite the same, nor quite another, the Qashqai reinvents itself entirely at the time of opening the third chapter of its history. The silhouette has retained the family resemblance but the lines have gained in tension. Widened V-shaped grille, led lights, high body line, marked shoulder, the Qashqai makes a strong impression. Especially when it adopts the big 20 inch wheels. Inaugurating the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance CMF-C platform that allows the wheels to be positioned at all four corners, the Qashqai widens by 29 mm, is raised by 35 mm and lengthened by 31 mm (4, 42 m) including 19 mm just for the wheelbase. Roominess benefits greatly with a rear knee room increased by 28 mm and headroom increased by 15 mm. Above all, the platform made it possible to improve rigidity by 48% and to lighten the bodywork by 63 kilos by using aluminum to make the front fenders and openings, with the exception of the rear hatch in composite material.


The CMF-C platform also provides access to the latest refinements in connectivity, driver assistance and electrification. To regain its rank, the Qashqai takes care of its interior with more refined materials and a dashboard incorporating customizable digital instrumentation, a 9-inch touchscreen infotainment screen and a large head-up display.


Nissan has also taken care of the daily life of motorists by promoting accessibility to the rear seats thanks to a greater opening angle of the doors (85 degrees) and by offering an additional trunk volume of 70 liters (504 liters) thanks to a floor modular lowered by 20 mm and a new design of the rear suspension. This will be multi-link with the four-wheel drive versions. Traction models will be satisfied with a torsion bar axle.


In tune with our times, which require manufacturers to reduce their carbon footprint and toughen regulations, the new Qashqai skips diesel, offering only electrified engines. The first is a 1.3-liter 4-cylinder light hybridization unit combining an alternator-starter and a 12-volt battery. To grab a few drops of gasoline, during freewheel braking, at a speed of less than 18 km / h, the heat engine turns off and the stored energy is used to power the vehicle’s electrical equipment. This engine will be available in 140 and 158 hp versions. The latter can receive all-wheel drive. At the top of the range, neither plug-in hybrid nor electric, but a new E-Power version whose technical solution is already used by a Note in Japan. E-Power technology is based on the principle of the Chevrolet Volt. A 158 hp 1.5-liter 3-cylinder with variable compression ratio acts as a generator. It is used to power the 190 hp electric motor which drives the wheels. Nissan ensures that the driving pleasure and sensations are close to an electric vehicle. The new Qashqai will be launched at the end of the first half of 2021.



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