June 15, 2021


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New traumatic brain injury discovered giant brain tumor

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Doctors of the Provincial General Hospital on June 9 said that the patient was in Nam Son commune, Ba Che district. After falling, he was given first aid at the lower level medical center, then transferred to the Provincial General Hospital.

The results of examination and computerized tomography examination showed a contusion of the left frontal brain parenchyma, and the doctors suddenly discovered a large brain tumor in the occipital region, quite large in size. Patient was diagnosed with traumatic brain injury, right occipital brain tumor. After consultation, the doctors decided to treat the traumatic brain injury stably and scheduled surgery to treat the brain tumor.

After a month, the patient at home appeared dizzy and had a lot of headaches, so he was hospitalized. The doctors examined the CT scan and found that the two-dimensional right occipital brain tumor of 6 cm and 7 cm was located close to the midline, around mild cerebral edema. Assessing that the brain tumor was large, had signs of bleeding causing edema around, the risk of dangerous complications, possibly death, the doctors indicated microsurgery for the midline brain tumor for the patient.

The team opened the skull, dura, dissected the cerebral cortex to reveal the tumor, then used microsurgery glasses and the Navigation system to dissect each part to the maximum to remove the tumor, in order to remove the tumor. ensure the safety of the healthy brain area. The 6 hour surgery was successful. After surgery, the patient recovered well, communicated well, and was able to move around easily.

Doctor examines patient after surgery. Image: Hospital provides

Doctor Nguyen Tien Dung, Head of the Department of On-Demand Examination and Treatment, Head of the Neurosurgery Unit, said that the patient accidentally discovered a large brain tumor when he was admitted to the hospital for treatment of traumatic brain injury. This is a complex brain tumor, a large size midline meningioma, close to the cerebral veins and important functional and neurological areas. Moreover, the patient has just fallen from a traumatic brain injury, so the preoperative assessment, control and screening are done carefully and carefully to reduce the risk of complications and save the life of the patient.

During surgery, the doctor uses microsurgery glasses to see more clearly the tumor location, surrounding junction points to preserve functional areas of the cerebral cortex (language and motor), avoiding the risk of touching. cause uncontrollable bleeding.

Brain tumor surgery is one of the difficult and very dangerous surgeries because if not careful during the surgery, it will cause serious consequences, the patient can permanently lose important functions.

Doctors recommend that people should not be subjective when they have common symptoms, such as headache, dizziness, memory loss, vision… Regular health check-ups will help doctors Doctors detect disease early and treat it thoroughly.


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