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Nearly 800,000 children in Hanoi prepare to receive Covid-19 vaccine

519,547 children from 12 to under 16 years old and 272,374 children from 16 to under 18 years old in Hanoi are subject to Covid-19 vaccination.

According to the interdisciplinary plan to deploy Covid-19 vaccine for children 12-17 years old, just issued by the Hanoi Department of Health, the target audience is all children 12-17 years old (including children going to school in Hanoi). schools are located in the city and children who do not attend school are living in Hanoi). Age calculation is the child’s full birthday as of the date of injection.

The vaccination campaign is carried out according to the age-reducing route (from 17 years old to 12 years old, equivalent to 12th graders getting vaccinated first, then 11th grade and then 7th grade).

It is expected that Hanoi has a total of 791,921 children under this vaccination period, including 519,547 children from 12 to under 16 years old, 272,374 children from 16 to under 18 years old.

The injection implementation time is expected from the fourth quarter of 2021 to the first quarter of 2022. The city will organize vaccination right after receiving the vaccine and depending on the supply progress of the Ministry of Health. The goal is that over 95% of children 12-17 years old are eligible to receive 2 doses of Covid-19 vaccine.

Hanoi has set up mobile vaccination points at schools (including junior high and high schools, continuing education schools; colleges, vocational secondary schools, social protection centers with foster children. 12-17 years old…), and other mobile sites.

Children can also be vaccinated at the Health Station or vaccination point, for groups that are suspended at school and children who do not attend school.

Organize injections at the hospital for children with congenital diseases, chronic diseases of the heart, lungs, digestive system, urinary tract, blood… abnormal heart and lung auscultation, grade 3 anaphylaxis with any allergens .

Medical staff prepare dose of Covid-19 vaccine for people in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: Thanh Nguyen

The plan to vaccinate children against Covid-19 in Hanoi is part of a nationwide vaccination campaign starting from October 29. The Ministry of Health has approved two vaccines for use in children, including Pfizer’s Comirnaty and Moderna’s Spikevax, and is expected to give at least one vaccine to all children 12-17 years old in the fourth quarter. Ho Chi Minh City, Ninh Binh and Binh Duong are pilot provinces, the first injection from October 26.

Doctor Khong Minh Tuan, deputy director of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), said that vaccination campaigns for children will be less favorable than adults because children are often afraid of doctors, have a chain effect, need Family members accompany to take care of, leading to an increase in the number of people coming to the vaccination site… Therefore, in order to vaccinate effectively and safely, the vaccination facility needs to prepare adequate facilities to meet the needs. needs of children and guardians, plans to safely vaccinate children at school… Children need to be psychologically prepared before and during injection. Parents should encourage and reassure children to avoid psychological anxiety.

In addition, children are still young and have not yet been able to self-monitor and promptly notify post-injection reactions. Therefore, the family needs to closely monitor the child’s post-injection reaction for at least the first 7 days. Parents and children should stay at the vaccination site within 30 minutes after vaccination to be closely monitored by medical staff.

Thuy Quynh