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Murderer Dexter returned to the screen

Dexter – forensic and serial killer of the series of the same name – played back in the new season by Michael C. Hall.

Michael C. Hall played the role of Dexter Morgan in the series “Dexter” (2006 – 2013). Image: CBS / Showtime.

Follow EmpireThe new series (scheduled to keep the old title) of 10 episodes, reveals new details about the character’s past. He is a diligent forensic officer at the Miami police station, USA. At night, he becomes a hunter who hunts down serial killers, tortures and ends them. After eight seasons, 96 episodes, Dexter’s image is loved by the audience because of his complicated, dark personality.

Murderer Dexter returned to the screen

The opening scene in the original “Dexter” series. Video: Showtime.

The film’s producer – Gary Levine – has not revealed the main content and rival Dexter this time. “We’re going to re-enact this unique character in a new way, while keeping the original film faithful,” he said.

Michael C. Hall was born on February 1, 1971 in North Carolina, USA. He started studying acting from a young age. When he first entered the profession, Hall was a play actor, appearing on many stages on Broadway. Most viewers know him through the role of Dexter. The series helped Michael C. Hall win the 2010 Golden Globe Award, in the category “Outstanding Male Lead for a TV Series”.

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