May 14, 2021

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More than 270 billion VND to build Ton Duc Thang museum

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HCMCThe new Ton Duc Thang Museum consists of 5 floors, the exhibition area is 5 times larger than the existing museum, the total construction cost is nearly 276 billion VND.

On the morning of October 12, Ton Duc Thang Museum was started construction at No. 5 Ton Duc Thang Street, District 1, invested by the Project Management Board of civil and industrial construction projects.

The new project meets the exhibition of 5 regular themes, short-term exhibitions, and experience activities. The museum consists of a basement, 4 floors, total floor area 8,500 m2, when completed, there are full functional areas, display space, exhibits, film technical processing room, working space. In which, the display area is 2,000 square meters.

The museum currently has about 16,000 documents and artifacts archived, of which more than 1,170 original artifacts but due to degraded facilities, limited space layout. “The construction of the museum is necessary and urgent to ensure the safety of artifacts and documents”, said HCM City Vice Chairman Le Thanh Liem.

Perspective of new Ton Duc Thang museum. Image: Ton Duc Thang Museum.

According to Mr. Liem, the museum is the only place in the country that fully introduces the life and career system of President Ton Duc Thang. He suggested the units during the construction process to ensure the status quo of artifacts.

The Department of Culture – Sports will organize professional displays, apply information technology, create an attraction for visitors when the project is completed.

Ton Duc Thang Museum was established in 1988 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his birth with the original name of the Exhibition of life and career of President Ton Duc Thang. The museum has 5 galleries, since its establishment has welcomed more than 1.5 million domestic and foreign visitors.

Ton Duc Thang (1888-1980) was the second President of Vietnam from 1969 until his death. Before that, he was the Vice President of the country in the period 1960-1969.

President Ton Duc Thang is from An Giang, and is often called informally by people as Uncle Ton. He was born in a well-off peasant family, so he had a high education. At the age of 24, he joined the organization of workers on strike, then worked in the revolution.

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