June 15, 2021


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More than 2,000 K Hospital employees test for Covid-19 screening

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HanoiMore than 2,000 people, including all medical staff, workers at K Hospital, were allowed to take samples for Covid-19 screening for 3 days 6-8 May.

“We raised the level of hospital epidemic warning and prevention to the highest level in the context that the whole country is continuously recording many community infections”, Associate Professor Le Van Quang, Director of Hospital K, day 6 / 5 said.

Patients with cancer of the immune system are usually inferior to normal people, and if infected with Covid-19, they are more likely to aggravate. Therefore, precautions should be taken to prevent Covid-19.

Mr. Quang said that patients and family members, when coming to K Hospital, actively report online medical. The hospital also arranges 24/24 on duty screenings, checks body temperature and medical information, screens 100% of people entering and leaving the hospital, including medical staff. People going to the hospital must wear a mask, hand sanitizer. Each sick person travels with a family member. Do not allow hospital visits to visit patients.

The hospital has arranged and fully equipped 2 clinics, 2 separate rooms on 4 containers and the field area ready to respond to epidemics.

K Hospital collaborated with the police to remind patients and family members to wear masks. Image: Thai Ha.

K Hospital is also cooperating with the police agency to inspect, remind and sanction family members of patients who have not complied with regulations on disease prevention at the hospital. Currently, 5 cases of sick relatives not wearing masks have been fined.

From May 8, Hospital K suspended medical examination on demand on Saturday. It is recommended for patients and their family members to strictly follow the 5K recommendation and the hospital’s instructions on measures to prevent Covid-19.

Le Nga