June 15, 2021


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Mistakes in bidding fixes 7 schools

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HCMCMs. Le Thi Thanh Tuyen, former Chief Inspector of the Department of Finance, was accused of wrongdoing in bidding to repair 7 schools when she held her old position, with a loss of 18 billion VND.

On March 19, the charge against Ms. Tuyen, who was still the Head of the Finance Division of Cu Chi district (2016), was transferred to the VKS by the Ho Chi Minh City Police at the same level, proposed to prosecute her Violation of regulations on management and use of state property causes loss and waste.

Three other defendants are believed to be the accomplices of Ms. Tuyen, namely Phan Van Duyet (Deputy Director of Dong Phuong Co., Ltd., contractor for construction and repair of 7 schools); Phan Van Binh Tam (Duyet’s younger brother, Director of Tam Phu Tai Co., Ltd., the valid design document) and Nguyen Thi Loan (former Head of Education Department of Cu Chi district).

In 2016, Cu Chi District Department of Education and Training provided a contract with Dong Phuong Company to repair 4 kindergartens and 3 primary schools in the area. Mr. Duyet directs the construction, acceptance and settlement.

According to the investigation, during the implementation process, Mr. Duyet significantly raised the workload, gave Tam to use the legal entity of the company to validate the design documents, cost estimates and related procedures for data matching. Next, Duyet contacted the school principals to complete the final settlement. The application is submitted to the Cu Chi Education and Training Department (through Ms. Loan) for approval for the cost estimate.

After the Education Department prepares a list and repair plan, sends it to the Finance Department for appraisal and submits to the Standing Committee of Cu Chi District People’s Committee for approval, which divides the project into 64 bidding packages (each package is under VND 500 million). . The investigation agency said that this was to appoint contractors – wrong regulations on selecting contractors, violating the Bidding Law.

According to the regulations on the management of construction investment costs, investors (schools) must make an estimate and determine the total investment of each bidding package. However, the principals of schools, the Finance Department only base on the estimates made by Duyet – the unit price is much higher than the norm.

Ms. Tuyen and Loan surveyed the schools to review the items in need of repair. Although she knows the financial regulations and the cost to be used, Ms. Tuyen still appraises and submits the incorrect estimate of 7 schools to repair.

The investigation agency determined that the mistakes of the defendants were thorough, related to all stages, causing nearly 18 billion VND damage to the budget.

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