April 21, 2021


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Minh Tu and Thuy Van scored the beauty contest

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Supermodel Minh Tu, runner-up Thuy Van and Mau Thuy play the role of training and judging “Miss Vietnam Sports Star”.

At a press conference on the afternoon of April 5 in Ho Chi Minh City, Minh Tu said that after six months of epidemic in Bali, she was always in a state of excess energy, wanting to work. The contest is an opportunity for her to share her enthusiasm with the contestants, transfer experiences to help them have a beautiful body.

She said she appreciated Thuy Van and Mau Thuy because both have many strengths in skill and professionalism. In the Miss Universe Vietnam 2019 contest, the model once said Thuy Van – then a candidate – “like a bowl of unsalted soup” during training.

Mau Thuy, Minh Tu and Thuy Van (from left) at the press conference. Image: Nguyen Hong.

Runner Thuy Van said she was not afraid of being out of place when sitting next to two coaches: “I have experience participating in competitions as a contestant, recently Miss Universe Vietnam 2019. In terms of body, I am is proud to take shape quickly after only a few months of giving birth. The organizers and coaches do not aim to create tricks, because this is the playground for those who love themselves, building a healthy lifestyle “.

Mau Thuy said she has experience in Vietnam’s Next Top Model and is confident in her ability. She claims to have a straightforward personality, not afraid of impact. The model said: “Do not let any contestants get back to Team Mau Thuy at a disadvantage”.

Miss Vietnam Sports Star was organized for the first time, jointly implemented by model management company Phuc Nguyen and MultiMedia. Contestants are divided into three teams for training, similar to reality TV shows. Ms. Trang Le – representative of the organizers said: “Covid-19 shows us the importance of staying healthy, physically and mentally. We will reconcile anthropometric factors and soft skills. and gifted with sports “,

The preliminary round takes place in May in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Candidates will enter the common house, experiencing challenges in the reality program. Finals are scheduled to take place in September in Vung Tau. The beauty received an award worth about three billion, including the crown.

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