August 1, 2021

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MG EHS plug-in hybrid, a successful first prize

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TEST – Now owned by Chinese giant SAIC Motor, the MG brand is making an unexpected comeback on the European scene with a rechargeable battery SUV.

MG: Morris Garages. These two letters, synonymous with English roadsters, delighted baby boomers, before falling into the hands of the Rover group and then sinking. The story could have ended there and be limited to making the heyday of collectors, but Chinese manufacturers, in search of respectability to invest in the European automobile market, have decided to buy abandoned Western labels. Since 2005, the Chinese giant SAIC has been watching over the destiny of the MG brand. Last year, the brand reinvested in the European market with models that have nothing to do with the discoverable sports cars of yesteryear and that would certainly make our parents and grandparents jump.

MG currently only markets electrified SUVs, produced in China. Next to a 100% electric model, MG offers a plug-in hybrid version whose size is similar to that of a DS 7 Crossback, but whose super-tight price has earned it

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