August 1, 2021

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Marie Blondiaux, immersion producer

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Welcome to 2049

This article is taken from the special issue of “The Obs” “Welcome to 2049”, on sale at newsstands and which you can also order online here.

A few minutes after putting on a virtual reality (“VR”) headset in the premises of Red Corner, a small production house in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, I find myself on the platform of a Japanese metro station, just when … A young girl commits suicide. I then embody his soul, which, between existence and death, successively penetrates the imagination of those present. Twenty minutes of wandering in their memories follow, where in turn appear an angry mother, a threatening dog, a salaryman lewd, a surgeon, Zen landscapes …

Entitled “7 Lives”, this interactive journey, whose Shinto-inspired atmosphere oscillates between anguish and serenity, provides thrills. “This program, co-produced with France Télévisions, a_BAHN and Frakas, took us four years to develop, says Marie Blondiaux, co-founder of Red Corner. Although this paranormal experience takes place completely in Japanese, it is understandable to all, because it is part of a universal infraverbal language, which plays on the sensory and the emotional. “

At 38, Marie Blondiaux is a pioneer. A producer who looks like she came from the future, so much her creations prefigure the immersive, playful or educational works of tomorrow.

“Like many of our productions,“ 7 Lives ”is a co

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