August 1, 2021

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Ly Huynh: The imprint from villain role to affection

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People’s artist Ly Huynh can play an action role, chase in “Hai Old”, “Plan 99” to an emotional role in “The wind of joking” …

Featured roles by Ly Huynh.

People’s artist Ly Huynh – amateurs Ly Hung – died at his home on the morning of October 22 due to a serious illness, at the age of 78. Ly Huynh’s real name is Ly Kim Tuyen, born in 1942 in Vinh Long. As a child, he learned about Thieu Lam martial arts, traditional martial arts of Tay Son Binh Dinh. In 1965, he opened a martial arts school, began to train many good martial artists.

From 1972 to 1989, he played many films, becoming one of the first Vietnamese to bring martial arts into cinema. He joined First love (1977), Eddy, Hai Old, Hon Dat, Windy season… Two Lua in the Shoulder Eddy winds bring him the prize Excellent actor 6th Vietnam Film Festival (1983). Later, he acted with his son Ly Hung in many films such as Plan 99, The martial artist is reluctant… In 1973, he famously challenged Bruce Lee openly on television. The event was reported by the Vietnamese and Hong Kong press at that time, becoming a beautiful anecdote in Ly Huynh’s life. In 2012, Ly Huynh was awarded the title of People’s Artist. In 2010, he devoted himself to making the last movie – Tay Son Hao Kiet.

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