Lodkown increased due to Corona virus, how much our weight increased, research revealed

Lockdowns were imposed last year to control the corona virus infection. People were forced to remain imprisoned in homes. He stopped using computers, Netflix and food a lot as he stopped going out. The result of this can be seen in the report of Jama Network Open published on Monday.

Lodkown increased weight by 2 pounds per month

According to research, American citizens gained 2 pounds per month while living in Quarantine. The researchers analyzed data obtained from 269 participants involved in research on cardiology. They voluntarily reported the measurement of weight from a smart scale with a Bluetooth device and weighed themselves regularly. Researchers collected 7,444 weight measurements for four months i.e. 28 weight measurements from each participant on average.

The participants were about 52 percent women, 77 percent whites and their average age was 52 years. The researchers analyzed the weight measurements taken between 1 February 2020 and 1 June 2020. Their purpose was to find the change in weight from both before the lockdown was implemented and after the lockdown was implemented. The research team found that every 10 days after the lockdown was implemented, the participants’ weight increased regularly by six-tenths of a pound, that is, by 1.5 to 2 pounds more per month.

Research showed small glimpse of big problem

However, many of the participants were losing weight before the lockdown took effect. Researcher George Marcus from the University of California, San Francisco told the New York Times, “We know that weight gain is a public health problem in America, so making it worse for anything is definitely a matter of concern and living in homes The impact of the order is so large that it makes the impact of minor numbers extremely relevant. “

He told the Times that the impact of the lockdown could have been even more widespread for those who were not losing weight before the lockdown. He said that this shows that this is a small glimpse of a big problem. The researchers, however, also said that small-scale research may not be common to the entire American population, but this is an indication that explains what happened during the epidemic. The weight of the participants increased despite their location and chronic medical conditions.

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