LeasePlan on the way to electric


TESTIMONY – On French territory, the long-term rental company is electrifying its entire fleet, acquiring specific expertise and thus setting an example for its customers.

A specialist in the financing and management of company vehicles, LeasePlan took an interest in its own fleet to make it a model to follow with its customers. The French subsidiary of this international player has decided to electrify its entire fleet. Today, more than 100 vehicles out of the 150 in the fleet have switched to this technology, presented as being less harmful to the environment.

Among the manufacturers selected, Hyundai rubs shoulders with Mini and Volkswagen. The vehicle allocation grid is spread over five levels and has four different models for each of them. Each employee eligible for a company car has the possibility of ordering an electric city car, regardless of the category to which he belongs.

To carry out this project, 15 people were mobilized internally. They were particularly interested in the total cost of using the different vehicles. According to their observations, renewing the fleet with thermal models would have weighed more heavily on finances. Even with the integration of charging stations, the calculation remains favorable. Electricity owes its competitiveness to privileged taxation and less expensive energy.

Electric vehicle deployment projects often come up against the problem of charging. LeasePlan has been particularly vigilant on this point. The first infrastructure was installed in its car park in 2011. Today, its parking spaces have 62 terminals. The homes of employees have not been forgotten with the installation of 75 charging points. Today, 90% of refueling is done at the office or at home.

Europe embraces watts

Every year, LeasePlan carries out a study on the maturity of 22 European countries in terms of electromobility. The index created on this occasion takes into account the registrations of electric vehicles, the geographical coverage of charging infrastructures and government incentives.

Main observation: the electric vehicle is progressing in almost all the countries studied. In France, the increase in the number of electric models in circulation has increased the maturity index by one point (10 in 2022 against 9 in 2021).

Another conclusion: charging infrastructure is lacking and refueling possibilities are proving insufficient at a time when registrations of electric vehicles are increasing rapidly. LeasePlan observes a decline in France on this subject with a score of 4 in 2022 against 5 in 2021.

On the economic level, LeasePlan observes a growing competitiveness of electric vehicles. More specifically, the cost of electricity is disproportionate to that of gasoline and diesel. Taxation also leans in favor of plug-in vehicles. On this single criterion of the fiscal framework, France is in a good position with an index that goes from 12 in 2021 to 13 in 2022.

The long-term rental company’s survey places Norway at the top of the countries most favorable to electric vehicles. The Czech Republic and Poland are in last place. Greece recorded the strongest progress while France showed a slight improvement. Placed in the middle of the ranking, France suffers from the inadequacy of its charging network.


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