June 22, 2021


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“Le Monde”, Deliveroo, Reddit … Many websites affected by a global blackout

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Technical problem or cyberattack? Still, this Tuesday morning, many websites were facing access difficulties across the world. For several hours, the sites displayed messages such as “Error 503 Service Unavailable”, “Connection Failure” or were only partially functional.

Access to many sites was restored at around 10:50 a.m. GMT (12:50 p.m. Paris time) after further connection attempts. He was still very unstable for others.

Several media sites were affected by this blackout: the “New York Times”, the “Guardian”, the BBC, the “Financial Times”, “Buzzfeed”, “The Verge” … The sites of some other British media do not were also not able to charge immediately.

In France, several news sites were or were concerned: Euronews, the weekly L’Obs and several sites of the Le Monde group, including the daily “Le Monde” and the weekly “Télérama”.

Several platforms such as Reddit, Twitch or GitHub were also affected, as well as company sites, such as Deliveroo, Amazon.com or Paypal. On Twitter, emojis were no longer displayed.

The British government site, gov.uk, which covers government departments and enables many formalities relating to British public services to be carried out, has also been affected. The White House site referred him to a “This page does not work” message. Also affected: the Swedish social security website.

CDN Fastly involved

These sites all use the Fastly Content Delivery Network (CDN), an American cloud-based content delivery network. On its site, Fastly confirmed that its services encountered technical problems.

“The problem has been identified and a fix has been made,” he said. According to site data, the outage was noted around 9:58 a.m.

More information to come.

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