Jean-Pascal Zadi: “At the Elysée, I gave all my solutions to Macron”

This is one of the most anticipated series of the new year, a comedy recounting a presidential campaign at loggerheads between a socialist baron (Benoît Poelvoorde), a far-right candidate (Pierre-Emmanuel Barré), an eco-feminist (Marina Foïs ) and, out of nowhere, a social worker (Jean-Pascal Zadi) bullied by an unscrupulous communicator (Eric Judor).

By caricaturing the political class, Jean-Pascal Zadi and François Uzan, the creators of “En place”, tell of a France of the cities and the countryside which no longer knows which saint to devote itself to. Both on screen and in interviews, Zadi’s comedic verve and outspokenness are rare.

Where does the idea of ​​turning a neighborhood social worker into a candidate for the presidential election come from?

She comes from my life. ‘Cause I’ve always been told “you can’t do that”, “you can’t be an actor”, “You don’t have the right to go there”… From that, I extrapolated by saying to myself: “Today, you have your little success, but where wouldn’t we want you to go? » At the Elysee! So the whole series is going to tell the story of a guy who allows himself to move forward there. It’s really a parable compared to my old hick life where I wasn’t allowed to go anywhere. I have always been very content and, there, I show that we can open doors, that we have our place everywhere. In a word, that you have to dare.

Is it more complicated to dare in French society?

At one point, I had a click in my life. That’s what

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