Jean-Jacques Beineix, the director of “Diva” and “37°2 in the morning”, is dead

Director Jean-Jacques Beineix, author of the cult film 37°2 in the morning », died Thursday at the age of 75, announced his brother Jean-Claude this Friday, January 14 to AFP.

The man who made himself known to the public thanks to “Diva” and “37°2 in the morning”, a story of love and madness with Jean-Hugues Anglade and Béatrice Dalle, died at his Parisian home following a a long illness.

The sequel after the ad

Also a writer, dialogue writer, screenwriter and film producer, he notably directed the films “Diva” with Richard Bohringer and Gérard Darmon-Dominique Pinon in tandem of killers, “the Moon in the gutter”, with Gérard Depardieu, Nastassja Kinski and Victoria April.

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His first film, “Diva”, a fake thriller around the clandestine recording of an opera singer and a compromising tape for a criminal, did not work at first, before making a splash. “The Parisian” notes: “His enormous success for a first work, two million admissions over more than a year of operation thanks to four Césars won in 1982, “Diva” owes it solely to word of mouth. »

Nominated nine times for the Césars, 37°2 in the morning » was nominated for the Oscar for best foreign film and revealed Béatrice Dalle, who played the character of Betty.

The sequel after the ad

Feature films and documentaries

Born in Paris, Jean-Jacques Beinex began medical studies before preparing for the prestigious Idhec film school (now Femis), which he narrowly missed.

His first projects lead him to advertising. In particular, he will produce the multi-broadcast anti-AIDS spot “He will not pass by me”. After several projects, he decides to leave the industry. ” It’s good to put your talent at the service of causes “ and advertising, it was not causes”, he will explain.

After 37°2 in the morning » Several films will follow, all failures, including “Roselyne and the lions”. In 2001, after nine years of absence, he returned with “Mortel Transfert », a complete critical and commercial failure. He declares, moreover, that this film heavily indebted him.

Béatrice Dalle: “I am a sadomasochist and I assume it”

This will be the last of his six feature films, followed by documentaries for television (“Children of Romania”, “Place Clichy without complexes”…), under the banner of his production company, Cargo Films.

The sequel after the ad

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In 2016, he was president of the jury of the 29and Tokyo International Film Festival.

Interviewed by “Le Nouvel Observateur” in 1989, Jean-Jacques Beineix declared:

“I have been called a megalomaniac, a tyrant, a puff. Words of violence… But I tried to analyze what I was accused of. I made mistakes, it’s true. And first, the artist’s basic error: confusing his emotion with that of the spectator. It took me more than ten years of cinema to understand that the feeling that you experience deep within yourself is not necessarily shared. We can for example look at an actress, be mad with desire for her and no one will find her interesting. Second fault: my relationship to aesthetics. I gave a lot in there! But it was my pleasure to look and show what I thought was beautiful. I don’t remember who said: “The real is beautiful.” »

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