June 15, 2021


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“It’s a card that is around 10,000, 12,000 euros”: prices soar around Pokémon cards

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You have surely already held it in your hands, either to become the proud owner or to delight impatient children. Pierre-Louis, he did not have the chance to own one from the playground, which does not prevent him, at 25, from having become one of the biggest French collectors of Pokémon cards. “I knew Pokémon in the playground in kindergarten. Not having had one back then, maybe it contributed to my nostalgia and my envy, today, as a young adult with a little more means, simply to want to acquire some “, explains the one who started collecting them five years ago.

“It has always been very difficult to find certain rare items. In essence, it goes from four to five copies and it goes up to tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of copies on recent maps.”

Pierre-Louis, Pokémon card collector

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Magic operates in Pierre-Louis’ room where Pokémon figurines on the shelves and plastic-sealed cards pile up in bags. “We will end up with boosters from the base set still closed and which I do not intend to open since it has more value when closed than with the cards that we will potentially find inside”, he describes, pointing to his cupboard.

He keeps his cards laminated and certified by third-party companies in large filing cabinets. In the lot, he seizes a very particular one. This card is a first edition Charizard dating from 1999. “It’s a card that’s around 10,000, 12,000 euros”, abounds Pierre-Louis.

One of Pierre Louis' binders, filled with rare and certified cards.  (MATTHIEU BONHOURE / RADIO FRANCE)

And he is not the only enthusiast. The Pokémon franchise which blows its 25th birthday this year is the center of attention. In recent years, the value of cards has been soaring as more and more collectors appear. The house Vermot et Associés even offers Thursday, June 10 in the evening an auction of which they will be the only queens.

“The culture of these young people is that culture. You ask who Delacroix is? No one will know. On the other hand, you ask who Pikachu is, I think most people know.”

Florian Bourguet, popular culture expert for Vermot et Associés

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Moreover, Florian Bourguet assures us: it is not only the rarity that counts. “We get a little nostalgic. We want to find what we could not have as a child. And what could not have been in the schoolyard? It was the Charizard. “

One of the cards which must be put on sale by Vermot et Associés, on Thursday, June 10, 2021. (MATTHIEU BONHOURE / RADIO FRANCE)

“What interests us is also to reach out to people’s tastes, to find new clienteles, young people”, continues Nathalie Vermot, auctioneer of this sale. Because for Vermot et Associés, which wants to become a benchmark, a pledge of confidence in price estimation, the 20-fold increase in sales prices in two years is not just a fad.

This first initiative marks a turning point in the world of Pokémon collectors. The low estimate for this sale is 33,000 euros.

Pokémon cards at auction: report by Matthieu Bonhoure


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