April 21, 2021


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Industry: free training for young dropouts

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On a campus of Stains (Seine-Saint-Denis), young school dropouts learn a trade in industry for free. They arrived barely three months ago. Their goal is to find a job and to find a clearer picture of their future. Hélène, 26, and Florian, 24, are former dropouts, disillusioned by traditional courses. “I have never been to school. To scratch the paper, cramming with information which one does not have the use in the everyday life. There, one only learns the things of the trade that one go do”, says Hélène.

The practical lessons take place using machines used in companies. The Total foundation, which finances the school, pays up to 30,000 euros per student per year, almost twice as much as a traditional course. The school represents a real pool of labor for companies, but also the prospect of a job after a year and a half of training for the students. And this, even if the course is not officially recognized by the National Education. “We don’t have a classic diploma, but we have a certification that allows us to work with experience and all the knowledge we need”, supports a student. The school plans to train 400 young people per year.

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