May 14, 2021

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I want to send warships to the Black Sea

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Britain could send two warships to the Black Sea in May to show support for Ukraine, amid escalating Moscow-Kiev tensions.

A Type 45 anti-aircraft destroyer and a Type 23 hunting destroyer could split the carrier strike group HMS Queen Elizabeth in the Mediterranean and enter the Black Sea through the Bosphorus in May, naval official He anonymously revealed on April 18.

“The deployment is intended to demonstrate British solidarity with Ukraine and its NATO allies,” he said, adding that the F-35B stealth fighter and Merlin hunting helicopters are also available from the HMS Queen. Elizabeth to support forces in the Black Sea.

British destroyer Type 45 on sea duty. Image: Royal Navy.

The British Ministry of Defense has not commented on the information yet. The agency earlier said the British government was working closely with Ukraine to monitor the situation, calling on Russia to reduce tensions.

The information comes in the context of Russia deploying a variety of weapons, including tanks, artillery and heavy armored vehicles, to the area near the border with Ukraine. Russian National Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev said on April 7 that Moscow had no intention of meddling in the conflict in eastern Ukraine, adding that Russia was closely monitoring the situation and could take “measures. tough according to the development “.

US President Joe Biden this week telephoned his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, proposed a summit in a neutral country and urged Moscow to “reduce tensions”. The US official, unnamed, informed of the situation, said Washington also canceled its plan to send two destroyers into the Black Sea on April 15 to “not provoke Moscow at a sensitive time”.

Vu Anh (According to the Reuters)


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