August 1, 2021

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I fulfill my dream of studying abroad by feeding pigs – VnExpress

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Bao Khanh fulfills her dream of studying abroad in the future by giving up pigs to save money and always consider before buying anything.

When I was a child, my parents showed me many programs to explore different countries, heard about good things in faraway lands, and heard about my cousins ​​studying abroad. foreign. Therefore, since entering the first grade, Bao Khanh has dreamed of going abroad to study when she grows up and she is saving money to fulfill that desire.

Since the child was still in the mother’s womb, parents have watched and learned through many programs and methods to teach children about the value of money as well as how to use it sparingly and rationally. The year I turned 7 years old was also the time when I was taught about money by the methods that my parents found most suitable. First of all, my father taught me the general concept of money, let me understand that money is not available but must be earned as well as know how to save and spend wisely. My father often asked me questions such as: “Where does the money come from?”; “If you give me a 10,000 dong bill, how will you use it?” After Bao Khanh understood the basics of money, my mother taught me how to make money.

Baby Bao Khanh (boy) with his parents, sister and brother.

Usually, I will let you make crafts or dishes to sell or at the end of each month, if you achieve good results in school, I will reward you with a little money. At the same time, I will ask you questions like: “You have this much money and you have to buy these ingredients at such a price, how will you use them?”. In this way, your child will learn that money must be worked hard to make, so that they can appreciate, use and save money. Next, I will teach you how to clearly identify your own needs so that you can save money for yourself. To determine the goal, my father always asked Khanh: “What is your future dream?”. As soon as I heard you share about wanting to study abroad, I analyzed and shared with you the things to achieve that dream. In addition to trying hard to study for a chance to win a scholarship, you need to know how to save money to pay for living expenses later, maybe even money for school if you can’t win a scholarship. I always analyze for you the risks that you may encounter and need money to solve.

Parents have learned and applied the pig feeding method. Every time you receive a certain amount of money, we will ask you what you want to buy and feel necessary at this time, making a list. If the amount needs to be exceeded, I will ask you: “Do you really need this, will it cost you more?”, teach you how to choose items that are affordable and are items. really helpful. The rest of the money for children to divide appropriately: one part will be put in a jar to save for urgent cases and to buy things for the next time, the rest will be put into pigs to save money to fulfill your dream child. In addition, I also encourage your children to record what they have spent in the month so that they can easily see the amount of money they have used, from there, have the most reasonable shopping and spending plan for the following months.

By teaching this, your child initially uses all the money he has to buy toys and leaves only a little to save. But through conversations with his parents, Bao Khanh understood and gradually used money more properly. He only buys necessary things such as school supplies, sometimes there are small and beautiful toys that are not too expensive, he will buy and also be more balanced in dividing money between the savings jar and the dream pig.

Seeing that the child is growing older and growing up and gradually knows how to appreciate and use money properly like what parents have oriented their children since childhood, the parents are very happy. I hope you will always keep this habit and try to achieve your dreams!

Prudential and VnExpress jointly organized the contest “Chaching – Children are good at money” from June 9 to July 7. The contest not only helps parents and children learn more about money management together, but it is also an opportunity to help the whole family bond more as well as receive attractive cash rewards. In which, the prize structure includes: a first prize worth 10 million VND; two second prizes, each prize worth 7 million dong; 5 Third prizes, each worth 5 million VND; 5 Favorite prizes through readers’ votes, each worth 3 million VND. In addition, the 20 best quality entries selected for the final round will receive VND 500,000 and a piggy bank from Prudential.

See details of the contest here.

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