June 15, 2021


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Huawei, the 5G giant that bothers the United States

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Donald Trump put it on the blacklist of companies undermining the security of the United States. Huawei is a global telecoms giant, and this champion from China who sows his powerful branches across countries and continents is not to America’s liking. Behind the suspicions of espionage that it attributes to the equipment manufacturer, there is the battle for the airwaves and in particular 5G, the new frequency full of industrial promises.

The sums at stake and the expectations are gigantic. 5G should notably bring about the advent of the autonomous car. In these challenges for the future, the United States claims to want to protect itself from the tapping and surveillance that they lend to the antennas of the Chinese telecoms giant. Means which the United States have however sometimes resorted to.

In December 2019, the arrest on the tarmac at Vancouver airport of the Chinese group’s financial director and daughter of the founder, Meng Wanzhou, marked a brutal episode in this cold war of a new kind.

The Story is a podcast of “Echoes”. This episode was recorded in April 2021. Editor in chief: Clémence Lemaistre. Guest: Sébastien Dumoulin (journalist with “Echos” and author of “World War on the Waves” published by Tallandier). Director: Willy Ganne. Music: Théo Boulenger. Graphic identity: Upian. Photo: Dilok Klaisataporn / Shutterstock. Sounds: France 2, San Ku Kaï, US Department of State, Le Point, Hong Kong Free Press.

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