How to make a slim body healthy, know a few easy and safe tips to help you gain weight

As difficult as it is to reduce obesity, weight gain is also difficult. Weight gain is not less of a challenge for lean, thin and weak person. According to experts, lifestyle, diet and exercise help to increase weight or reduce weight and in both the cases the use of supplements, medication or injections can prove to be harmful.

They say that obesity or removal of body fat is not a matter of few days. Just like obesity comes slowly, similarly thin and thin also takes time to become fat. It is important to improve the diet and stay in touch with the doctor to gain weight without endangering overall health.

High use of protein

Protein plays an important role in the body when it comes to increasing lean muscle mass or muscle building. Weak people should consume protein rich foods like milk, eggs and fish. Along with this, making vegetables and fruits as part of your diet will be favorable.

Muscle Building Exercises

Exercise is important for people of all ages and all stature. Exercise improves the efficiency of the body by activating its organs and internal systems.

Exercise should be abounded daily under the supervision of an instructor for weight gain and muscle building. This is very favorable for both men and women. Apart from this, do jogging for one hour in the morning so that the diet can be absorbed in the body properly.

A few domestic tricks are also suitable

Soak 10 seeds of almonds in the night and keep them. In the morning, grind it and use 30 grams of flax and sugar as needed. In this way it will help in increasing body weight rapidly. Apart from this, it would be advisable to use Engineer as well. Soak three other engines in a cup of water at night. Wake up in the morning and use it with water. After a few days the weight will start increasing and the growth of tendons will also be visible. A third way is to eat 2 bananas every night and drink a glass of milk. This practice also causes a weak body fat.

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