How to Control Weight Gain: Know why weight increases in winter season and how it can be controlled

Often people complain of gaining weight during the winter or winter. By the way, it is also true that weight increases the most in winter. In fact, everyone likes hot and hot food due to cold in this season. During this, oily things are also eaten a lot. Sitting inside a quilt, with hot tea cups or hot pakoras, or eating bhajiya or carrot pudding or any fried roast, it feels a lot more delicious. Food eaten in winter also feels more to the body than ordinary days. This is the reason why the weight of people increases in winter. However, there are many other reasons for weight gain in winter.

Sleeping more

In winter, people sleep in bed for longer than normal days. It directly affects our body. Actually, the more we sleep, the more lazy our body will be. That is, because of sleeping more than 8 hours, we gain weight. Apart from this, our body does not do much work during the winter season, due to which sweat comes down and weight increases.

Eat more spicy food

In winter, people often start eating spicy foods to avoid cold. But eating more spicy and fried foods leads to weight gain.

Sweet weight increases in winter

In winter, people forget about dieting etc. and start consuming sugar and calorie-rich things. During this time, sweets like carrot pudding, moong dal pudding, gajjak, jalebi, gulab jamun made with good taste are very tasty. But these things have a lot of calories due to which weight gain in winter.

Do not exercise

During the winter season, people also cut down on exercising. Because of the cold, people prefer to stay in a quilt than to get out of the house. The brunt of which the body has to suffer in the form of increased weight.

Seasonal effective disorder increases weight

It has been revealed in many research that due to reduced sunlight and sunlight in winter season, people see little depression. This depression is also called seasonal affective disorder. Actually, the lack of sunlight is related to hormones which control our mood. Due to depression, our physical activity decreases and as a result, weight gain starts.

This is how weight control can be done in winter

1-Take protein breakfast in winter

2- If you do not want to get out in winter, do light exercise at home.

3- Take such foods which are full of nutrients.

4- If you want to control weight, then never forget to include fruits and vegetables in your diet.

5- Avoid alcohol, carbohydrates and high sugar foods.

6- Get enough sleep.

7- In winter, people reduce drinking water, but in this season too much water should be drunk. This gives the body energy and also burns calories.

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