How the Covid-19 saved two years for the digitization of the State

Posted Jan 13, 2022, 4:48 PMUpdated on Jan 13, 2022 at 5:18 PM

The conclusion is unanimous: in the long-term file of the digital transformation of the State, the Covid-19 epidemic was an opportunity to press the accelerator and to overcome reluctance. “The Covid saved us two years in the digital transformation of the State”, estimates Nadi Bou Hanna, the interministerial director of Digital who leaves his functions with the satisfaction of having seen things move. “The epidemic acted like an electric shock”, confirms Pierre-Marie Lehucher, the boss of Berger-Levrault, a software publisher whose offer is mainly aimed at administrations.

As in the private sector, the confinements raised questions of continuity of service. By necessity, some of the civil servants had to start working from home. Nearly 400,000 state agents have been identified as having a “teleworking” function.

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