May 14, 2021

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Homemade bombs continuously exploded in Myanmar

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Homemade bomb explosions erupted across Yangon today, as protesters marched in protest at the coup.

Myanmar today entered the fourth month under the administration of the military government. Protesters in Yangon, Myanmar’s economic and financial center, held swift marches through many streets and quickly disbanded to avoid confrontation with police and soldiers.

“We have the truth. Only truth wins,” was the slogan on a protesters’ banner.

A quick demonstration in Yangon today. Image: AFP

At 10 o’clock, a homemade bomb explosion happened near the school in the town of Insein. “Security forces came to check, but I just stood from afar for fear of being arrested,” said one resident, seeing white smoke rising from the explosion.

In the afternoon, two more explosions occurred in Yankin, the area south of the city. “I heard an explosion from home, I thought it was thunder,” said one resident, who said the consecutive explosions made security forces worried.

It is not clear whether the explosions caused casualties. Neither side has claimed responsibility for the proliferation of homemade bombs in Yangon, but some protest groups have recently received military training and weapons in border areas by rebel groups. control.

“The military makes people live in fear and it’s good that they feel it now, too,” said one resident in the Yankin district. “Any act of defiance without being arrested or killed is conducive to the protest movement,” he said, referring to the flash marches.

According to a monitoring group in Myanmar, nearly 760 civilians have been killed since the military launched a coup on February 1 and arrested State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi and several elected leaders. She was charged with a variety of charges, including disrupting and disclosing national secrets.

Myanmar has been in chaos as protesters protesting the coup and security forces have been in conflict for the past four months. The military authorities called protesters “rioters engaged in acts of terror” and used lethal weapons to suppress.

Hong Hanh (According to the AFP)


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