April 21, 2021


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Home deliveries: in Nantes, scooters are no longer welcome in the city center

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For a few weeks now, Corinne Rotach has been counting the comings and goings of scooters in the city center of Nantes (Loire-Atlantique), most of them being those of delivery people, with the aim of denouncing the noise pollution suffered by residents. The city has decided that from Monday March 8, pedestrian streets will be closed to motorized two-wheelers. An unacceptable waste of time for delivery people, who will deliver fewer meals and are more at risk of having their work tool stolen.

The noise level is frankly unbearable, even with double glazing, and in an empty street, it resonates, it’s hellish“, says a local resident. In half an hour, on Place Royale, Corinne will have counted 38 scooters, or more than one per minute. “You think you are safe because you live in a pedestrian area, and despite everything, you are obliged to keep your child in hand“, deplores the founder of the Ras le Scoot association. With the health crisis, home deliveries have exploded: today there are 700 deliverers, in Nantes alone, or 15% more than there were three years.

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