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Home care for the elderly: what assistance is available?


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Keeping the elderly at home is a social issue: 20 million French people are over 65, but only 600,000 places are available in retirement homes. Luc Bazizin, journalist at France Télévisions, details the various existing home aids.

There are several types of nudges” Explain Luc Bazizin, journalist France Télévisions, Tuesday, November 23 on the set of 19/20. First of all, the development of homes over 15 years old. It is possible to obtain assistance from the National Housing Agency, subject to means, “to replace a bathtub with a shower or install an electric stairlift“, indicates Luc Bazizin.

Those over 60 are also eligible for a monthly payment, which depends on income and level of dependency. Personalized autonomy allowance (APA) makes it possible to pay for home help or a remote assistance system. Finally, seniors can benefit from a ctax reduction if they call on a home help, “within the limit of 12,000 euros per year maximum“, specifies the journalist.

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