May 14, 2021

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HAGL and Cong Phuong were reminded

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In a letter sent to HAGL this morning, VPF asked the leading team of the V-League 2021 to correct the attitude of striker Nguyen Cong Phuong.

Cong Phuong (right) was reminded by referee Nguyen Viet Duan after throwing a water bottle in response. at Pleiku Stadium on 2/5 Photo: Duc Dong.

According to VPF, Cong Phuong overreacted to referee Nguyen Viet Duan, in a 2-2 draw with Binh Duong in the 12th V-League round on May 2.

“The incident caused an offensive image, the negative reaction from the media and fans, affecting the image of the tournament in general and the HAGL club in particular”, commented VPF. “We suggest that HAGL club reinforce reminders and thoroughly grasp attitudes and behaviors while playing against all players, staff, and members of the coaching staff, to avoid violations that cause influence. to the interests of competition, do the duties of the club; at the same time strictly remind player Nguyen Cong Phuong, avoid recurring in the next rounds “.

In the 78th minute, when the score was 2-2, HAGL organized a quick counterattack. Minh Vuong passed the ball to Cong Phuong who was moving up near the middle of the field. The HAGL striker tried to control, but collided with defender Nguyen Anh Tai. After lying in the field for a while, Cong Phuong got up and was shown a yellow card by referee Nguyen Viet Duan for entering the ball under his shoes. Expressing dissatisfaction, the home team striker threw the bottle of drinking water behind the referee over the referee’s head.

The referee called back to remind him, but Cong Phuong did not turn around, but continued to go out to the border. A VPF leader said that referee Duan should have drawn a second yellow card with the HAGL striker because of such a reaction.

Cong Phuong threw a water bottle to react to the referee

Before the 2021 season, the referees were required to deal strongly with the player’s error of reaction. In the second round, referee Ngoc Chau drew a second yellow card, disqualified Kelly in the match Ha Tinh lost 0-2 to Ho Chi Minh City because of an offensive attitude after receiving a yellow card.

The draw of Binh Duong caused HAGL to end the series of seven wins, and was second in the group Viettel narrowed the gap to three points. However, they definitely ended phase I in the leading position, thanks to more than Viettel, only a direct confrontation (won 3-0).

Cong Phuong has scored five goals for HAGL this season. In the 13th round of meeting Quang Ninh, he could not participate because he had received enough penalty cards from the beginning of the season.

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