May 14, 2021

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Grand oral of the bac: “It cannot be held, given the conditions in which it was prepared”, estimates Sophie Vénétitay of Snes-FSU

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“The great oral” of the baccalaureate “must be neutralized”, said Monday, May 3 on franceinfo Sophie Vénétitay, Deputy Secretary General of Snes-FSU, the first union of middle and high school teachers, while Jean-Michel Blanquer said he was open to a change in the organization of this great oral, in order to take into account the difficult conditions of preparation for the test in this school year disrupted by the Covid-19 epidemic.

“He cannot stand given the conditions in which he was prepared, in this case in which he was not prepared., considers Sophie Vénétitay.

“If the minister begins to open the door to possible adjustments, we must go further, we must open the door wide, have real discussions on the arrangements for exams and on the 2021 bac.”

Sophie Vénétitay, Deputy Secretary General of Snes-FSU

to franceinfo

For the Secretary General of Snes-FSU, the Minister of National Education “finally hears that this event could not be properly prepared throughout this year”. She notes “that it seems fair to leave the door open to some adjustments” by letting the student come to the test “with a document which specifies that such or such point of the program have been seen”.

But Sophie Vénétitay emphasizes that “preparing the oral is an oral exercise” and “the way we are going to express ourselves orally, it was not necessarily seen in the same way everywhere”. For the Snes-FSU, the cancellation of the grand oral “seems to be the solution of responsibility, of wisdom”. The year that has just passed “was really very disturbed“and she must “a minimum” end “in a form of serenity”.

While middle and high school students returned to their classrooms on Monday, Sophie Vénétitay noted that if the teachers “were ready, on the side of the institution, things were not necessarily ready”. After a day of school, “we are still desperately looking for traces of these famous self-tests which were promised by Jean-Michel Blanquer”, deplores the teacher.

The union claims to have had “almost only returns” stating “self-tests that were missing” for the teaching staff. Sophie Vénétitay is therefore worried “on the way in which the testing campaign will be organized, and in particular how it will be organized for the pupils”. “If it is already difficult to receive them and distribute them to adults, what will it be for the pupils when it comes to organizing the campaign in the schools?”, asks the teacher.

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