June 15, 2021


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Google will soon bring ‘this’ special feature, the security of the account will be doubled

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  • Now Google will make 2 factor authentication mandatory
  • Users can secure the account via 2FA with their mobile number.
  • 2FA will be automatically applied to Google account.

New Delhi: If you have a Gmail or other account password like ‘123456’ or ‘Password’ then this news is important for you. However, now Google will not allow you to do that. Google already has 2 Factor Authentication (2FA), but this is not mandatory. However, Google will now automate 2FA, which will now automatically apply 2FA to Google Accounts.

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Google has announced this in its blog on the occasion of World Password Day. Google has written in its blog that in the year 2020, how strong is my password was searched up to 300 percent. Many people use long and strong passwords, but not enough. In short, Google will now make 2FA mandatory. However, the company did not say when it would start.

“2FA will be launched soon,” wrote Mark Risher, Google’s director of management, identity and user security. Users can secure the account via 2FA with their mobile number. ‘ He also mentioned Chrome’s in-built password manager and the recently launched password import feature. He added, “1000 passwords of third party sites in Google Chrome can be uploaded to Google Password Manager for free.”

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