June 15, 2021


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General review detects people entering illegally

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The Minister of Public Security issued an order of general review and examination nationwide to detect foreigners entering illegally.

“The order was issued yesterday,” said Lt. Gen. To An Xo, Chief of the Office of the Ministry of Public Security, said as above. VnExpress on solutions to prevent illegal entry into Vietnam, on the afternoon of May 5.

Ministry of Public Security has calculated many solutions, in which the functional forces will check motels, hotels, accommodation; trace, prosecute illegal entries, brokers …

Those who enter illegally without having Covid-19 will be brought back to the place of origin. Guesthouses that fail to comply with the regulations can withdraw operating permits, impose administrative penalties or even criminal measures. In addition, the border forces will intensify the inspection of the border area.

Considering that locking the border is very difficult, the Ministry of Public Security said to detect and prevent foreigners from entering illegally requires the participation of the whole political system, especially the border guard. gender, functional units, and functional agencies from central to local levels.

Lt. Gen. To An Xo, spokesman for the Ministry of Public Security. Image: Hieu Duy

From the beginning of the year until now, the number of people entering is about 150,000 people (road about 110,000 people, by air about 40,000 people), including experts and returning Vietnamese.

39 localities reported that they had discovered 199 cases with 1,343 Chinese people entering illegally. The Ministry of Public Security handled and prosecuted 49 cases with 141 people.

“People who enter illegally violate the sovereignty of Vietnam; the risk of carrying diseases and epidemics is very great, so it is necessary to drastically prevent them,” said General Xo.

Hoang Thuy