May 14, 2021

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Funeral of Prince Philip: “We really feel that the page is turning in Great Britain,” said Philip Turle, British journalist at France 24

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“We really feel that the page is turning in Great Britain”, estimates on franceinfo Philip Turle, British journalist at France 24 after the funeral of Prince Philip, who died on April 9. They were celebrated on Saturday April 17 at Windsor Castle, marked with the image of a queen “alone, sitting away from her family”.

franceinfo: What is the image that struck you the most?

Philip Turle: I think we were all marked by a single image: that of the queen in her Bentley arriving and then this lady in black, alone, sitting far from her family, during this very solemn funeral in the chapel of Windsor. The reason she was alone is because there are the restrictions on Covid, with social distancing. But it is true that this image leaves a feeling of sadness towards him. We really feel that the page is turning in Great Britain.

Alone in the face of power, alone in the face of family matters. Who will help him today? Who will be by his side? No one will be able to replace Prince Philip with whom she has spent more than 70 years of life.

I think there are two things. The first is that the queen will continue. She is the image of this British sentence: “Keep calm and carry on, keep calm and carry on. I think as long as she can, she will continue to ensure as much as possible for the British crown. I have no doubts about it. But, second thing, it is a lady of 95 years old soon, who is no longer in condition to make very trying trips abroad. She must delegate, first to her son Charles, and then to William and Kate. When William and Kate go on a mission abroad, the crowds are there to welcome them in normal times, outside of the pandemic. So I think that, to manage the situation, to be able to continue as best as possible, we will see a queen still at the forefront but who will delegate more and more tasks of royalty to her children.

Prince Philip was very attached to his military past. We saw his cap of Grand Lord Admiral on his coffin, his parade saber. Was it all his will?

The whole ceremony today, from A to Z, was hosted by Prince Philip. It was he who wanted the soldiers of the navy, the army, the air force, to be very present because he is someone who gave all his life, all his energy. , to military forces in Great Britain. For him, it was a vocation in life to be in the French Navy so it was important for him that representatives of the armies were present at his funeral. It was he, for example, who had designed the Land Rover that brought the coffin to the chapel of Saint George. It was Prince Philip who wanted it to be with a military vehicle, to show his affection for the armed forces in Great Britain. The music, the way this day was organized, it was entirely according to the wishes of Prince Philip, who had done everything to make this day go as he wanted.

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