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Find the ‘big lady’ to cure ‘loneliness’

Let me tell you about my boss. Her boss is 1.55 m tall, weighs 55 kg, was born and raised in a province in the Central region.

Because she was indifferent to enjoy outside pleasures, she forgot that she was 32 years old. Suddenly one day, she found out that her face was imprinted with time, to be frank. crow’s feet (probably going out a lot). Finished, startled and panicked, realizing he had been hit by loneliness – a poison that did not kill the host immediately but made the heart wither every winter. The owner also used to write articles to find someone to help, but maybe the charm is not enough so the antidote has not been found. Now I ask permission to post on her behalf for the second time, hoping to find “great lady” for her life.

A little bit of symptoms of the owner for you to watch out for medicine. My boss is straightforward, honest, cheerful, sociable and self-sacrificing. A bit stubborn but very understanding, forgiving, generous; Although sometimes in the morning, the afternoon rain, but there is always a sense of right and wrong to correct.

My boss loves to share. She will straighten out the problem she has and subtly tell him what he is thinking. She will tell you a lot of interesting stories and hope you too. Try to be patient, then you will be compensated for a good night’s sleep, because she thinks sharing, sympathy is the key to a stable marriage. She enjoys a simple life with family and close friends. In addition, she also loves dogs, is green, loves growing flowers and decorating houses.

My boss is short so I love it if anyone is tall, so she hopes you don’t be below 1.65m. I hope that your medicine has sincere, serious, a bit difficult ingredients as long as you love your family, a stable career and know how to share.

A few things like that, perhaps meeting each other will be more standard. Grandmothers please extend your hand to help my landlord. Your reward will be a loyal love and a warm family.

Thank you everyone for reading my article and wish those looking for a loving half will find it soon.

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