June 15, 2021


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Find people to 16 tourist spots in Sa Pa

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Lao CaiThe authorities announced urgently to find people to a series of tourist spots in the town of Sa Pa, where the Covid-19 case had been.

On May 11, the Steering Committee for Disease Control Covid-19 in Sa Pa town said that, after receiving information about the case of nCoV infection, the F1 of “patient 2998”, the locality issued a notice of urgent search. people to 16 tourist destinations.

Accordingly, on April 30, the authorities found people to come to Do Quyen restaurant, house number 214 Thach Son, Sa Pa ward from 17:30 to 21:00; Phuong Nam massage shop, house number 17, Dong Loi street from 9pm to 9:30 pm; Royaltea milk tea shop belongs to group 4, from 9:34 am to 9:41 pm; provincial tourist promotion information center, Phansipang street from 9:45 am to 22:45 pm.

Blockade point at Pao’s hotel. Image: CTV

On May 1, Sa Pa town looked for people to come to Cafe Hanno at Victoria Hotel of Group 5, Sa Pa Ward from 9:00 to 9.40; Eco Home Cloud Bridge Homestay, Ta Chai Mong Village, Ta Van Commune from 11:00 to 1420; travel by motorbike taxi from Homestay to provincial road 152 intersection to Farm House store from 14h to 14.50; Farm House store, from 14:20 to 14.50 and from 17h37 to 18h; Cat Cat village tourist area, Hoang Lien commune from 15h to 17h10; Ao Beo car gathering point in Cat Cat tourist area returns to Farm House store from 17h07 to 17h37.

The government also announced to find people to come to Anh Dung restaurant, 6 Xuan Vien, group 3, Sa Pa ward from 19h to 20h30; Cafe Cong, number 37, Xuan Vien street, group 4 from 20:30 to 21:30; Clover Tracking clothing shop, 43 Xuan Vien from 21:05 to 21:00.

On May 2, Sa Pa town looked for people to go to Fansipan cable car tourist area, in Phan Si Pang ward (the area of ​​the cable car station and the Fansipan peak area) from 8:30 to 13:00; Lien Ton restaurant, 61 Xuan Vien street, group 3, Sa Pa ward from 13:00 to 14:00;

With Pao’s hotel, group 1, Cau May ward, Sapa town epidemic prevention steering committee looking for people from 17:00 on April 30 to 12 o’clock on May 2.

The government recommends that those who have been to or from the above places need to immediately notify the nearest medical facility, or call the hotlines to report.

By the end of May 10, Sapa town tracked 142 cases of F1, more than 1,700 F2.

From 0:00 on May 11, Lao Cai province stops festivals, religious ceremonies, beliefs, sports tournaments, with activities involving 20 or more people; stop weddings, ask questions, party activities, meetups. Stopping nonessential service businesses and doing business on sidewalks.

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