Facebook: Who is secretly viewing your Facebook profile? The ‘Ya’ abandonment trick will get the information

New Delhi: How To Check Who Visited FB Profile: Most of us today use social media. Many things have changed since the advent of social media. We share many things related to our private life on social media. Social media also allows other people to secretly track others. However, you do not understand who is viewing your profile and photos on social media. Many people are also tracking your profile on Facebook. They know everything about you. Here’s a simple trick to find out who’s looking at your Facebook profile. It lets you know who has seen your Facebook profile in just a few minutes. Let’s learn about this trick.

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Find out who saw your Facebook profile

  • Who is secretly viewing your Facebook profile? You need to have a laptop or desktop to know this. Then open the official Facebook website on your laptop.
  • Then login to your official Facebook account. Now go to your timeline. Here you have to right click and select View Page Source.
  • You can also type Ctrl + U directly. After performing this process, you want to press ctrl + f on the keyboard. Now search by typing BUDDY_ID.
  • Next to BUDDY_ID you have to write 15 digit number. For this you need to search (15 digit number) in the browser. Search by copying this number.
  • After this process, your Facebook profile will be in front of the profile of the person viewing it secretly. With this simple trick, you can find out who is viewing your Facebook profile.

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