Every year 43 thousand people die prematurely in Europe due to lack of greenery – report

Greenery Reduces Risk Of Diseases: Researchers from the Barcelona Institute of Global Health have made a shocking disclosure in their recent research report. They claim that every year 43 thousand premature deaths are taking place in Europe due to lack of greenery. The report describes how greenery reduces the risk of death. In fact, in cities that have parks, good air quality and low population, people exercise and lose weight in green spaces. According to the report, these parks are playing an important role in keeping their heart and lungs healthy.

Greenery reduces the risk of death

The greenery around you helps in keeping you physically and mentally healthy. It also relieves symptoms of stress and insomnia and also controls high blood pressure. In this way, a person remains healthy for a long time and the risk of diseases is less. The World Health Organization has also issued guidelines on the issue of greenery. According to that, your house should be within 300 meters of the green area. Green spaces have been found to be helpful in reducing the negative effects of urban life. The researchers used satellite images to measure the distance between the participants’ homes and green spaces. Using data from the population of 866 cities, the researchers gathered the number of natural deaths recorded in 2015.

House should be within 300 meters of greenery

They then used earlier research on the relationship between lack of green space and mortality to estimate whether the number of deaths could be prevented in cities by meeting World Health Organization guidelines. From this he concluded that every year 43 thousand deaths are taking place in Europe due to lack of greenery. According to research published in the Lancet Planetary Journal, if you do not live in a specific area of ​​​​the green belt, then you will not be able to get this benefit. Therefore, your home or office should be within 300 meters of trees and plants.

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