April 21, 2021


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End of life: “A referendum, why not?”, Launches the boss of the PS Olivier Faure

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Olivier Faure, first secretary of the Socialist Party. (FRANCEINFO / RADIO FRANCE)

The first secretary of the Socialist Party and deputy for Seine-et-Marne Olivier Faure said, Wednesday April 7 on franceinfo, in favor of a referendum on the end of life, while the bill for the right to an end of life free and chosen life is discussed Thursday by the deputies.

“A referendum, why not?”, launched Olivier Faure. The boss of the PS denounces “thousands of amendments tabled by The Republicans to prevent debate and prohibit the fact that this text can be adopted”. He also believes that “the government is doing nothing to allow the debate to take place over several days.” Olivier Faure regrets “only one day” is “dedicated to this debate”.

Olivier Faure is waiting for the government “put on its parliamentary agenda in the coming weeks” this debate on the question of the end of life in order to “go to the end of this debate”. If the executive “did not intend to and considered that it was a subject which must be decided by the whole nation”, the deputy says he is ready “to defend its position in front of the French” in a referendum.

According to the first secretary of the PS, there is “an overwhelming majority of French women and men who consider that it is their choice which should dominate” for the end of their life. He doesn’t understand why the government “refuses to move forward” on the subject “while parliamentarians from all sides are calling on him to do so.”

Olivier Faure wishes to emphasize that with this bill, “it is about ensuring that we have a great law of freedom which allows everyone, in a secular Republic, to be able to make the choice of their own life and be free to the end”.

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