Electric car: in use, the approval of the battery seduces drivers

The current network invites drivers of electric models to stop preferably approximately every 250 km. Ake/ake1150 –

OUR ADVICES – To try it is to adopt it, however not all models are created equal.

A total absence of vibrations and rocket accelerations to pin you to the seat from the start often accompanied by a sound worthy of a subway train when it is not the artificial rumble of a sports model: the electric car does not has no equivalent on the market. To try it is to adopt it. It is a passport to zenitude.

To these high benefits, we must add much lower maintenance costs than for the gasoline car since the electric takes fewer parts and dispenses with most of the fluids of an internal combustion vehicle.

Serious disappointments

If you want to speed things up, the battery car is sure to impress. Its main characteristic lies in the instantaneousness of its accelerations. No two-wheeler or thermal vehicle can resist it for the first few meters. Observation of the current market even shows, in general, an overabundance of power and torque. Put models in the hands of ordinary mortals…

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