Drinking more decoction in the changing season can cause heat in the stomach, these things will cool the stomach

Omicron In view of the danger of corona virus, people have drunk the decoction fiercely. Some people have consumed the decoction daily throughout the winter. In such a situation, drinking more decoction in the changing season can harm your stomach. With the onset of summer, problems related to stomach also start. In this season, eating hot things like decoction can cause problems like burning in the stomach, gas, indigestion, increased bile or stomach infection. In this season, you should consume such things which will cool the stomach heat and cool the stomach. You can identify by these symptoms whether there is increased heat in your stomach and what to eat to avoid it. 

Symptoms of heat in the stomach 

  • Sour watery mouth
  • Sour belching after eating
  • vomiting and feeling nervous
  • burning in throat and flatulence
  • li>

  • difficulty in breathing 
  • burning feeling in chest
  • headache, gas in stomach and constipation

Heat in the stomach

How to calm stomach heat? 

Keep the stomach cool with these things 

1- Banana- If there is heat in the stomach then eat banana. Bananas are high in potassium, which keeps acid under control. The pH element found in banana reduces the acid from the stomach. This makes a smooth layer in the stomach and gives relief from heat. Banana is also rich in fiber, due to which digestion remains correct. 

2- Mint- Eating mint leaves also reduces stomach acid. Boil some mint leaves in 1 glass of water. Now drink it after it cools down. 

3- Fennel- To cool the stomach heat, eat fennel and sugar candy after eating. This will calm the burning sensation in the stomach. The problem of acidity also goes away by eating fennel. You can also drink fennel by boiling it in water. 

4- Cold milk- For stomach heat, drink 1 cup cold milk daily in breakfast. Milk contains calcium which absorbs the heat of your stomach and brings coolness. 

5- Basil leaves- Eating basil leaves on an empty stomach will increase the amount of water in the stomach. It also reduces stomach acid. Spicy food with basil leaves is easily digested. Every morning 5-6 basil leaves should be eaten.

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