June 15, 2021


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‘Don’t put stamps of tourist attractions in your passport’

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A British tourist, when stamping a souvenir in Peru on her passport, did not know that this could cause her to be refused entry.

Many famous tourist destinations in the world provide immigration stamping services on passports for visitors. This form attracts a lot of attention and interest of visitors. These stamps are only meaningful for souvenirs, as they are fake stamps and have no legal value.

However, you need to be careful when giving your passport to someone to stamp it, except for the competent authorities. Many people got into trouble because of this action. One of them is Tina Sibley, 60 years old British living in Spain. Tina used to book tickets from Madrid, Spain to Phuket, Thailand. However, the female tourist was refused to board the plane because in her passport there was a souvenir stamp from Peru. It was a stamp when she visited Machu Picchu and it was an illegal entry and exit stamp.

Machu Picchu souvenir stamp stamped on tourist Tina’s passport. Image: News

Tina shared her incident on Facebook with the message: “Don’t put these tourist stamps on your passport. I was denied boarding a plane to Thailand because of them. These stamps could be make your passport in trouble. Immigration is made more and more strict.” To settle the trip, Tina had to contact the British embassy to get an urgent confirmation and book another flight. The total cost incurred is 1,800 USD.

Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade also said changing passport information, or stamping fake stamps could deter people from traveling. On the island of Taiwan, a woman was also denied entry because her daughter had put a Hello Kitty stamp on her passport.

Some of the places that provide immigration stamps to be stamped on passports are Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin, the city of Ciudad Mitad del Mundo in Ecuador – where the equator runs through, the village has the longest name in the world. …

It’s not just tourist stamps that cause trouble on travelers’ passports. Many Arab countries refuse to allow visitors to enter, if their passports prove they have been to Israel. To save travelers from this hassle, Israel stamps the entry and exit of visitors on a separate passport, instead of a passport.

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