Don’t be afraid of online fraud, report to this number immediately and get your money back


  • Don’t be afraid of fraud
  • Call 155260
  • Home Ministry and Delhi Police Cyber ​​Cell number

New Delhi: There has been a tremendous increase in technology. Banking and financial transactions are all online now. The government and the banks of the country can instantly alert the people from time to time. If someone is a victim of fraud, they are instructed to report it immediately. The Home Ministry and the Delhi Police Cyber ​​Cell have started working together to ensure that online fraud does not happen to people and their money stays safe.

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The Delhi Police Cyber ​​Cell and the Home Ministry have issued a helpline number to help people. Any online fraud at this location can be reported immediately. Home Ministry and Delhi Police Cyber ​​Cell have jointly launched 155260 helplines. If you have been involved in any kind of online fraud, you can immediately report to this number. You can call it.

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After 7 to 8 minutes the amount withdrawn from the account which has gone to another account. That helpline will send an alert message to that bank or financial institution. The money will then go on hold. The 155260 pilot project, along with the Home Ministry’s cyber portal and the Delhi Police Cyber ​​Cell, was launched last year to curb online fraud. Now it has been launched with full power.

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The most special feature of this helpline is ten lines. This means that callers will not get this number busy. When any person calls the helpline number. So at that point he will be asked his name, number and the time of the fraud. Once the information is collected, it will be forwarded to the concerned portal, the concerned bank or finance institution. It can be beneficial to report the fraud immediately. An appeal has also been made to lodge an immediate complaint.

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